Wheel Storage with Limited Space

I recently got a second set of wheels but have relatively little space to store them (my “pain cave” is a storage closet). For now I have them hanging on the back wall via rope and a carabiner. I was wondering how other people store their wheels. TIA!

Mine are thru axle but I bought some stainless steel rods the same diameter as my axles and rounded the ends a bit and ran them through my trainer setup I built.


Nice, and great DIY platform around your rollers!

Thanks! I actually built it for my wife a few years back to try and make her feel more comfortable attempting to ride the rollers. She’s since all but given up cycling but I’ve been happy to have it with as much time as I’ve dedicated to TR the past couple years.

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Look into foothill products and their wheel hangers. I have a few sets.

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