Help - Advice on a bike option!


I currently have 4 bikes. But running out of space in my ever cramped pain cave.

I’ve got a cheap road bike, an old cheap chinese TT bike, a brand new canyon speedmax and a very cheap rusty bike on my kickr.

I do triathlons and focus on TTs as well. Since I’ve been using the old road bike over the last 2 years on my kickr, my results have suffered in the TT positon. To rectify this I brought a well overdue new speedmax with the aim of getting some rollers and practicing over winter in the position. I’ve been offered 500 for my old chinese TT frame which would really help me afford to clean up the pain cave and get some fans etc. If I use my speedmax on the rollers and on the Kickr, am I gonna ruin it and will it just end up rusty! I have a bike thong and would try my best to cover it up. Does anyone else use their best race bike indoors all the time? Makes me very nervous, as I’m screwed if it breaks!

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