DIY support rails for rollers

I’ve read through the pain cave, rocker platform and a number of rollers threads, and haven’t seen DIY handrails for their rollers set up similar to those in this post.

This isn’t quite the creative engineer as done by @chad.mcneese and others in building rocker plates or DIY floating roller beds, but anyone have a design that looks good, is solid, reasonably priced and doable for the guy who is not Tim-the-tool-man Taylor? Thanks!

I made this:

It has a step for easy on/off; a handrail for starting, and a platform for stuff.

I also made a laptop stand to go with it:

When I ride the trainer, it’s high enough to bring over my front wheel so that I can easily reach the keyboard - not confident enough on rollers to try this though!


No picture, but I made a platform that straddled the middle of the rollers so I could step on and off with confidence. Its just a plywood panel across the middle of the roller, with stacks of plywood on either side to make it tall enough. It’s just like stepping on and off the bike on the road, no hand rail needed.

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