How are you storing your wheels?

So the bike is on the trainer most of the time, my rear wheel I just prop up against the wall, but thinking there is probably a better way to store it. Last thing I would want is to have it get damaged in any way. What is you best practices?

I’ve always just propped my extra wheels up against the wall. I’ve never had any problems with that.

I’ve smashed into curbs at over 30 mph in crits, without damage to the wheels. I’m sure that leaning against your wall will probably work out just fine. If overly worried, stick them in a wheel bag.

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I store my wheels hanging up in a cheap wheel bag. Off the floor and out of the way.

I have a line of cheap bike hooks in a 2x4 mounted to the ceiling and just hang them. The 2x4 lets me move hooks around without tearing up the ceiling.

I put my spare wheels in wheel bags and then hang on the wall, been doing this for years and never damaged one yet, also keeps the dust off!

I bought one of these for hanging the wheels safely away in the garage. Very easy to install, easy to access the wheels and looks pretty nice I think.

Off-topic – what size is your ultrasonic cleaner?

@dprimm Definitely off-topic, but it’s a good one. I created a new thread just on ultrasonic cleaners here Ultrasonic cleaning, but short answer is that’s a 3L unit.

This is what I do with mine. Steel rod into the stud and right through the center.