Let's see your paincave!

With three 18s in post 485 on this thread I had a chest pounding system. It was great! Now that I live in geezer central I use headphones. Actually…they are both fine. When it comes to crunch time I hit mute anyway.


That’s cool mate. I like to have TR on one screen and Zwift on the other for motivation. I’ll look into the Mac Mini though, looks like a great idea.

This is what I can only dream about - an awesome setup - nice work dude :sunglasses:

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Yeah that does look really good, I would be tempted but my projector makes more noise than my rollers🤣


I finally bought a mat for underneath the trainer. It is quite big but so far looks very good. Also a lot cheaper than the Wahoo mat😀


Two months ago we moved to a smaller house, so my previous pain cave (which I shared with the oil burning furnace) got relocated to the basement storage closet. It’s actually much brighter than the first picture indicates. I’ve toyed with the idea of installing Phillips Hue Smart Lights but it seems a bit extravagant for a closet. Improvement ideas would be appreciated.

  • 2010 Motobecane Immortal Pro (used)
  • Profile Design clip on aero bars (old school)
  • Cobb Plus 2 saddle (not the sleekest design but comfortable)
  • 2018 Wahoo Kickr Core
  • DIY Rockit Launcher rocker plate
  • Generic exercise mat ($25 from Amazon (no longer listed), 3 ft x 6.5 ft)
  • Lasko 4905 blower (game changer!!! can’t recommend this one enough!!!)
  • 6 inch fan to force dry my shoes and HRM when done working out
  • Generic temperature and humidity monitor
  • Cycling dinosaur art from the 4-year-old
  • Beat up Ikea chair to hold the laptop
  • Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells
  • Rage Fitness 10 pound slam ball
  • Pull up bar (not shown)
  • Also have some rubber gym flooring interlocking 18 inch tiles that I may decide to put down one day


Riding towards the fridge, keeping your eyes on the prize. I like your style :).


And there’s beer in there!!!


Two pain caves… One is also my home office, when living in the tropics training without AC is not an option. The other one is an open air gym, some day I will close it off and install a split AC.


When you spend your budget on a smart trainer the rest gets slapped together.
Old 26inch bike left for hard rubbish (i roughly stripped off rust with wire brush on drill), Parts bin 7800 shifters and rear derailleur, threaded headset adapter for regular stems. Handmade desk and pillar fan balanced on stool.
It works and it’s comfortable though :slight_smile:


The work is begun!

No more training in garages, or carparks, or the bedroom, or taking my bike to the gym, or setting up my trainer outside without a fan, or anything. I’ve got my own room and I’m going in!

First step, removing the weird teal and replacing it with a nice medium grey. I also repainted the ceiling, added a bright, dimmable LED light, and added a dimmable switch:

This nook will be the screens. That COAX port is live with MoCA networking for wired internet. A PC will go there, and then I’ll have two screens (One floor mounted low on an angle, the other wall mounted) for TR, Zwift, entertainment, or whatever.

^Lasko serving double duty

Long term I’ll probably switch the carpet out, but I don’t want to bite off too much at this point. That can be a future project.


Looking forward to seeing the rest. Is that grey more of a 88%-94% white :slight_smile:


It’s Sherwin “Software.” Something like a 30 LRV.

:joy: :joy: :joy:


Great project :+1:t2:

Looks like an awesome room. I like the colour. Side note: it’s easier to switch the carpet now than move all your gear later, but I know priorities! (I’m currently moving a lot of furniture to put in new carpets in my house - it’s like Jenga!)


Oh you’re 100% right, I just don’t think I have it in me right now! :rofl:I painted more or less the whole house (other than this room) before we moved in. At this point touching a tool is exhausting. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus if we start switching flooring around, then I’d want to make sure it’s something my wife likes too, because we might just make the whole upstairs hardwood, and I’d want it to be consistent. Feature creep!

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Recently updated to add pedal mount bike racks on the wall to get the bikes off the floor and make room for the new bike once it comes in. Found a shoe rack that looked pretty good as well.


For the life of me, I dont know why it never occurred to me to get a shoe rack and wall mount it. My shoes are a pain on the floor…

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Lol I didn’t either till I saw it on Amazon. If you don’t have a shoe dryer as well I highly recommend:)

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