Bike Storage Solution at Work

Hello TR Gang, a few of us at my job have been working with HR to get better bike storage and security solution for our bikes while at work. Our facility has a couple thousand people at it and every once in awhile our outdoor bike racks get full. At work we have a bike club with about 150 members and hold monthly social rides (Mostly rides to breweries).

HR has asked us to help be apart of the design for our bike storage room. I’m coming to ya’ll to see what kind of storage solutions yall have at your offices?


Perfect! Exactly the type of response I was hoping for.

We have a $hitload of these

and they work wonderfully well. What’s missing is a bike lock holder (basically just a bar on the wall where you can leave your lock when you go home…so you don’t always have to lug it around)

with that we have a locker and shower room. There’s even a freaking iron and ironing table !

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Where’s my bike again?