Wheel circumference setting for Elite Direto trainer?

Hi - am pretty new to using TrainerRoad, I noticed that there is a wheel circumference setting. I have an Elite Direto trainer, which is a direct drive model - does the value of the wheel circumference setting matter at all in this case and, if so, what should it be?

BTW In the My Elite App my wheel circumference is listed as 2070, in TrainerRoad it’s currently listed as 2096


The setting is used to estimate the wheel speed and distance as reported by TR in completed workouts, if they are then pushed to apps like Strava.

A typical trainer would use 2096 or so for the 700 x 23/25 wheel size. But oddly, there is something different about how Elite runs theirs. You are supposed to multiply that value by some factor to get the “normal” info from their trainers. I know there is an issue, but for some reason, I can never remember or easily find that factor.

Hopefully a fellow Elite user can help with that info.


This post (Which circumference value do I have to use? - Page 3 - Official Forum ) implies you don’t need to divide the wheel circumference is using an app that supports ant+ fe-c (which TrainerRoad does), I assume the same applies if using Bluetooth? Am currently using Bluetooth, though I do have an Ant+ dongle I could use. In which case, should I use the 2070 value from the MyElite app, or the 2096 current setting in TrainerRoad? Thanks

Might be worth an email directly to support@trainerroad.com so they can let you know what they think.

Different trainer (Suito) but Elite support told me to use 2070. Speed is mostly irrelevant on a turbo, power is the better metric, but until I changed it from 2096 to 2070 I couldn’t get the trainer to go fast enough to calibrate it to get decent power readings :rofl:


I have a Direto and been using 2096 for wheel circumference for a while now, I haven’t compared the power readings against an another power meter but I have ordered some Gramins and will compare the readings once I install them. From a feel perspective the readings feel accurate.


For the record, changing this wheel setting will NOT impact the power reported. It has nothing to do with the trainer power data.

It only affects the estimated speed and distance reported in final ride data.


I have an Elite Drivo. ( no power match). Connecting by Bluetooth to an ipad I used to see distances/ speed recorded in an hour of say 125 km p h. It did not seem to change with changing the circumference number up or down. After one of the more recents updates to TR. I now get zero distance/ speed when synced to Garmin.

Circumference should be 173, see also:

Don’t think 173 would be right. Did a ramp test today with it at 2096 in TrainerRoad and my average speed came out as 19.3 mph, which sounds about right. Think I the link it says the 173 figure is only if a Garmin GPS/watch is receiving the data (I don’t use a Garmin).

Well, I had a Direto for some time and there 173 was the way to go. However, as you say it may also depend on the application you are using. I can remember that I went with GoldenCheetah for some of the first sessions. TrainerRoad may calculate things differently, after all training with TrainerRoad is more about power and ridefeel than it is about miles.

I’ve got a similar issue, TR recording over 100kph speeds on my Drivo. I’ve tried using Ant+ and BT on my macbook air (2015) and same results. I’ll be switching to a Windows based laptop tomorrow, running on Ant+ and I’ll share my findings. I tried BT on the Windows machine and the “signal” from the trainer would cut in and out every 0.3 seconds or so.