Elite Direto and TrainerRoad calibration

Hi, I was doing a spin down calibration on TrainerRoad app on Android for Elite Direto. I changed the circumference to 2105/12.1 ~174 . Then during calibration, I can’t get speed over 2 kmph. If I set the circumference to 2105 ( I am using 700*25 tyre) calibration completes, but after that resistance is so high that I can’t pedal. Am I missing some step or doing something wrong?

Any help in resolving this will be highly appreciated.

I think you need to set the circumference to 173 (I can’t remember why but Elite mention it on their site somewhere).

Don’t worry bout the calibration in TrainerRoad, just do the calibration in the elite app, make sure the number given is,or close to the calibration no. on sticker on bottom of Direto, set the smoothing to 6, and set the smoothing to zero in TrainerRoad. Everything is saved in the Direto from the elite app, so all it needs to do is feed power etc to trainerroad or zwift. Works sweet.
Ps. my wheel circumference is 2070 set in both the elite app and trainerroad.


I’m having the same problem as OP. I have my wheel circumference set to 2096 in both the Elite app and Trainerroad and I still can’t get above 0.6mph. I’ve reset everything, unpaired/repaired. Nothing works.

2096 is the circumference that we recomend with the Direto, that’s strange that the speed is still ~ 0. I would encourage anyone experiencing this issue to reach out to our Support Team at support@trainerroad.com so that we can take a closer look :+1:.

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I had the same problem last fall. Turned out if i use 20960 for circumference, it did show speed somewhat ok. But then i lost it again and tbh aside from strava showing low distance it didn’t bother me much to reopen the ticket with TR. Dorito is an odd trainer :slight_smile:

You need to setup your wheel circumference to actual_wheel_circumference divided by 12.1 (in the case of elite direto)

You can see the explanation right here!

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Hi, is there a resource for recommendations for an Elite Zumo?