TR App wheel circumference setting Drivo 1

Can someone give me the value for the wheel circumference setting in the app (iPhone Bluetooth). It’s been set to something like 603 for ages and the speed and mileage on Strava are rather silly high. I know its not going to record accurate speed - but something near normal would be better than a max of 90+ mph!

This chart has a wide range of size info, that should work in your situation.

700 x 25C 2.105 2105 25-622

so 2105

I wonder where 603 came from - aren’t we supposed to divide the wheel circumference by a value before putting it into the app?

No idea where you got the 603 from?

Here is an additional source from TR that covers wheel size in the app:

It is about the Muin, but applies to just about any trainer, as we are simply entering the same “wheel size” that we would use when installing a regular wheel speed sensor for outside riding.

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Thanks Chad.

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To eliminate the Drivo’s high speed readings, Elite recommends in the owner’s manual to divide wheel circumference by 3.43 when not using Elite app/software. This is likely where you got the 603mm since 2105 / 3.45 = 613mm, which is pretty dang close.

From your original post, it sounds like even with the ~600mm circumference, you are still registering excessively high speeds. In that case, I would recommend gradually reducing the circumference settings until you reach a more reasonable speed during your ride.

Gearing also plays an important role in the speed registered by your trainer when in ERG mode. Since the trainer will adjust the resistance according to the Target Power, at 200 watts you could have a wheel-speed of 30mph or 10 mph depending on your gear selection. You may want to try switching into an easier gear to reign in your speed readings if that is important to you :+1:.


Thanks Bryce

I like to use the big ring and the middle of the cassette as much as possible - so I’ll try bringing down the value first - cheers for extra info


Did lowering the reference do any good?
My number today is ridiculously low, 4 however i still see 95 km distance after an hour of ride.
I use it usually in erg mode and on smaller chainring and cassette is in the middle gear.
I know no marginal benefit of speed/distance data however it effect my mileage targets, asset aging etc etc, so it is not completely ignorable for me.

Never did get this fixed

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I have my Elite Drivo set to 425, which comes out a little low on Strava so I should probably increase a little bit.

One thing that really annoys me though is the need to go into settings when I start the ride, not make any changes, then go into my trainer through the paired items. At this point I can see the average speed drop from something like 70mph down to 9mph. Does anyone else get this? Anyway to fix this? I use an iPad for Trainerroad if that makes any difference?

I’d recommend contacting our Support Team to help out with this; they’re the experts on this sort of thing :+1:.

Our email is


No, i just ride straight away and just to keep the records correct, I set 30ish average speed manually from garmin connect.

Hi Bryce, I contacted with support team ~1 month ago and the feedback was to calibrate my trainer -which i did, but nothing changed-