Distance on Strava with Elite Direto X

I use Elite Direto X. In Elite App my wheel circumference is 2070. TrainerRoad App shows 2096 and I changed it to 2070. I see that now my distance on Strava is really strange:

For comparison:

I know that I should set wheel circumference back to 2096 to get more real distance/speed values but I don’t understand where the difference between Elite app and TR app comes from …?

what I see there is that… ramp test its not done right… you try to put consistant powet throwout the entire workout… so… more power=more speed=more distance (in short period of time) right ?

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You’re right. I did not complete ramp test correctly. It was my first time on this trainer and the first time with the TR app. I’m beginner.

Hey @mnowakowski,

When you are training on a smart trainer in ERG mode, your speed is determined by three things:

  1. Your cadence
  2. Your gearing choice
  3. Your circumference settings

Let me explain. When in ERG mode, your trainer will adjust the resistance to meet the demands of the workout, so no matter how many watts you put out. The effective “wheel-speed” remains the same as long as your gearing and cadence are the same.

For example, if you are spinning 90 in your hardest gear, your speed will be the same whether you are generating 200 or 400 watts because the gears spin the rear wheel at the same RPM, and the resistance unit changes the resistance to help you meet the target power.

If you feel that your speed is too high, the easiest way to manipulate your speed is by choosing an easier gear. This will lower your rear “wheel-speed,” allowing a more reasonable speed and distance.

Were you using the same gearing between your two tests? In my experience, a subtle change in circumference should not have such a drastic effect on speed/distance readings.


Thank you for your answer. Now I understand more :slight_smile:
I used different gearing between these two tests.