What's your least favorite TrainerRoad workout? Why?


Luckily it’s only once per year. Cumberland is a bit uninspiring too.

I’ve got “Tunemah” scheduled for tomorrow. Never done over under intervals before so that might be my least favourite workout. Will update tomorrow depending on how it goes.

Did Tunemah today… the overs felt more achievable than the unders! Nice when its broken into 2 minute segments, never feels too daunting.

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Agreed, that +1 makes a big difference. A near useless workout though, for sure, and I’m big on recovery (which this isn’t IMO)

Anything long ang steady. Unless it’s above .80 IF i get bored and get cranky and give up after 45 minutes.

I workout when it’s dark outside. Additionally I live in a climate where riding outside just simply is not an option for me five months out of the year. Pettit is far from being “pointless indoors” for me.


No one has said it yet, so I will. Ramp Test (or any FTP test for that matter). It’s not just that it hurts (which it does), but I get so anxious beforehand like I’m sitting an exam. I want to get an increase to make all my suffering in the training block I just did mean something.


I am dreading mary Austin… i have swapped it out for others before since it will crush you if you aren’t recovered enough to do it.

Think i will have a better handle on it this round since my hr / rpe had been a bit lower overall for this training block compared to previous years.

Yeah, um…please stop giving Mary such a great name – I’ve got a date with her on Saturday! :tired_face:

Yep - I’ve got a ramp test next Tuesday and i’m already getting nervous for it!

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So Mary Austin and I had a date on Valentines Day. So far SSB2 has not challenged me much but the gauntlet has been thrown and Mary made the date a memorable one. I feel roughed up…had to dig deep to prevent disaster. When I look back I think this is a great workout fot improving sustained power. Worth the pain.

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Mount Foraker +3 for me…6-5 minute intervals at 110-112%…30 minutes above FTP…might have been doable had I not had Acrodectes -1 two days ago which was 30 minutes at 115-125%. My legs are cooked.

We got 40cm of snow 2 days ago, 5 more cm today, freezing rain last week to lay a nice ice base everywhere, it’s a balmy -5C today, so - outside ride not quite an option.

My least favorite? Whichever one I’m doing tomorrow morning.

My favorite? Whichever one I last completed.


Tour de Nez is literally unfollowable on a non-smart trainer

Is it wrong that I hate Mary Austin more than leconte?

3 minute v02 intervals are my absolute weakness. Something about that combination of intensity and duration just destroys me psychologically.

Followed closely by 2.5 minute v02 workouts.

Oddly, I don’t have too much difficulty with the microburst workouts everyone else seems to hate, but maybe that’s because on a dumb trainer I spend most of each interval just spinning up to the target power.

Looks like about half the people that have done Elephants +4 in the last couple of weeks didn’t like it very much. I shouldn’t have peeked. Now the little man on my shoulder can say, " It’s ok, you can stop. Many people stop on this one. "

VO2 Max intervals greater than 2 minutes… My ugly gimace comes out.

Not sure why everyone is complaining about the 60-75% workouts. I’d take those any day of the week over VO2 max… problem is, they don’t make me as fast. =( Yeah, they’re boring, but then there’s these great things called movies and tv shows.

Yaeh…Foraker +3 had 5 minute V02 max intervals at 110-112%…thats like doing 8 minute ftp tests over and over.

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