Petit, Baxter just too boring

Are there any alternatives to doing endurance rides like Petit and Baxter? They’re just unbelievably boring. Or, can I get the same benefit by increasing the intensity and decreasing the time? At this point if I have one of those rides scheduled I’d just as soon skip it and get more sleep.

I see these short endurance workouts as “ride in your local forest with your mates for 1.3 x [insert workout duration here]”


Do them outside if you can I think, if you can’t just have trainerroad on in the background and completely ignore my power (doesn’t matter if you have erg and if not just ride at what feels like a easy endurance pace) and watch something else.


Second the comments above, if I can get outside for these recovery workouts then I do just that. I find these easy workouts mentally more taxing than the hard stuff indoors!


I save my favorite shows and YouTube videos for my weekly Pettit rides. I just zone out and watch TV and it’s over before I know it. I actually get excited to catch up on my shows during that time.


Same here mentally pretty difficult. And here in north Europe in the winter time outside riding is not an option. 1:30h is pretty long time for easy ride…

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Agreed, it’s difficult. I tend to do Baxter rather than petit or something similar. I know it’s not exactly the same IF, but at least the effort level changes more frequently which reduces the tedium slightly!

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I split these workouts into, say, 4 or 5 chunks, in between those chunks I pop off the bike and do planks, and other low impact stuff, and jump back in. Time goes quicker somehow.


I must be the only one who doesnt find these rides easy.

I find one hour zone 2 rides kind of difficult.

I’m usually breathing and sweating too much to concentrate on anything haha.

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I usually replace anything like Petit with a Baxter/Colosseum version or Black. They bore me out of my mind unless I’m watching something super engaging. I like the shorter variations of those rides compared to Petit/Andrews/etc.

When schedule allows, I do these outside on the road. Ride at an aerobic pace for about the same amount of time/TSS, done.

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I find them difficult too - pedaling nonstop for 60-90 minutes is more than a mindless effort for me, regardless of the intensity. That said, they’re also suuuuper boring, and the dull ache of endurance pace compounds the boredom.

For this reason, I find these rides really valuable. Mental training is every bit as important as physical training, and it’s a place I feel like I have big gains to make. Don’t look at your boredom as a bad thing to be avoided, look at it as threshold efforts for your brain :slight_smile:


I actually look forward to these rides. Intense threshold or VO2 intervals bury me and I can hardly look up from my stem. Pettit is a breath of fresh air, I watch 2 episodes of a show on Netflix and the whole workout is over before I know it.


I usually just sub West Vidette or West Vidette +1 depending on what part of the season I’m in. 45 minutes is about the longest I can go with that level of effort, even with some good TV.

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when I’m on a plan and I see Petit, I smile and enjoy the easy workout… because very likely the next ones will be punishing.

Black workout is another good one.

I’m also a fan of “saving up” entertainment for these. Generally I just go down the YouTube rabbit hole and finally watching all those random videos the algorithm recommends me.

Another thing I did on today’s Pettit was set an interval timer on my phone and every 4 minutes I kept rotating cadences from 95, 85, 75. I kept repeating that cycle and that split up the boring low intervals as well.


I’ve found that doing these workouts, or the endurance addition to some of the VO2 workouts, is much easier to chug through in a lower cadence. Usually I struggle to get comfortable in a gearing with normal-high rpm on the trainer for these power ranges, but if I aim for 75-80 rpm instead of 90+ they are much easier to get through, and the time seems to go by faster.

I do them on a dumb trainer – you have to stay somewhat alert as I have to shift periodically to stay with things.

Do a 2-3 hr endurance paced outside ride at the weekend instead.

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I contend your entertainment is boring. Game of Thrones + Pettit = Fun!

Of course, bike + fresh air = More fun.