What's your least favorite TrainerRoad workout? Why?

Opposite of the other thread. What workout is the bane of your existence? Why?

My nemesis, partially due to where it fell in the older versions of general build, is Morgan


Something about that duration of effort just murders me. I have, at best, a 50% success rate on the workout and when I fail, I fail hard and early. Just a brutal one for me to get through

I’m going to guess we’re going to see a lot of Spanish Needle in this thread lol

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Mary Austin. I think the minute rest between intervals actually makes them worse!


I suspect that this is going to vary with smart/dumb trainers.

I have a dumb trainer, and I really don’t get on with the low intensity ones like Petit and Baxter. You never get a moments rest, and it’s really hard to focus on hitting around about the same power for ages. Stuff like Spanish Needle keeps you focused and while shifting gears is annoying, at least if you don’t hit your power you aren’t punished like on an erg!

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Baird and Bashful

Petit, boring and pointless indoors, just ride outside for an hour, even if it’s raining.


Also on a dumb trainer but I prefer to view shifting gears as learning to ride my bike better (e.g. what gears are best for what powers, etc.). I ride/commute on a single-speed and to me smart trainer ERG mode is just a fancy version of SS outdoor riding that I have to do every day.

As for least fav workout…only in SSB low vol so…none yet?


I need workouts like Petit. If I go outside I’ll be riding along thinking how fresh my legs are. Next thing I know I’m pushing all the watts going for a strava PR :call_me_hand:


My least favorite workouts are truly any endurance ride more than 90 minutes…but I think the spirit of the question is which one is my least favorite because it’s hard.

For that – so far – I would have to say Junction.

It softens you up with sprint-opening-sweet spot intervals, and then blasts you with anaerobic/Vo2 repeats when your legs are already wobbly. It’s a total asshole workout.


I think either of your answers are legitimate - long endurance rides are brutal, just in a different way than something like Junction

Ha, ha, yes you have to be disciplined, but that’s why we all have power meters these days isn’t it? :wink:

I just don’t see the purpose of Petit, too hard for a true recovery ride, too short for endurance adaptations to occur. It’s a TSS filler at best, always feel like it’s an hour wasted, which is why I probably skip it and do something else. Petit +1 is better with the sprints, IMO (which counts for little!)

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those long aerobic endurance rides at 50% / 60% / 70% are literally a pain in the ass :wink: While it was instructive to learn how to ride slow and focus on LT1, I’m giving up on doing them inside and going back to long 3-4 hour rides on the weekend. And this time while outside I’ll stick with doing them at 50-70% and not turn them into tempo/sweet spot rides.

My nemesis on the trainer are the longer VO2max intervals.

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Same here, those pettit rides actually keep me in the proper zone and within the mantra of " Keep the hard days hard, and the easy days easy"


Anything with over-under in the description! :rofl:


So far, Spanish Needle, for sure.

99x 15 seconds @ 150% ftp



My geared bike has been out of commission, Spanish Needle on my fixie has been… Interesting.

I’m betting RPE would be lower with a nice 80+ cadence in the 15 second valleys.

Wow, hard to pick a least favorite. The two that spring to mind are.

Yes, Spanish needle. Each time I’ve tried it I’ve started out fine, but then blown up during the 3rd or 4th set of intervals and just couldn’t hold power. Legs totally fried.

The other is Huxley+1. It looks doable enough, but the work increases through the set. The first interval lulls you into thinking you’ll be ok. The second works you over and seeds fear and doubt. The last one is just brutal with the last 90 secs asking you to give everything, only to give you a spiteful final 15 seconds at 150%. Just a killer workout.


Did Petit again the other day and quickly realized that I still hate it.
Finished but it was all I could do stay awake.

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I have a feeling that, come Dec. 15, my answer will be Disaster


Huxley is terrible. I don’t think i ever completed it 100%.

150% for 15 secs seems no problem. We’ve all done it before. Your breathing gets a little heavy.

But in Huxley during that last 90 sec. interval the pedals just wont’ turn and you start to contemplate your life and why you started cycling and cursing Coach Chad.


I feel your pain.

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