What Is The Sneakiest Workout In TrainerRoad?

One of my favorite quotes, from Mike Tyson, "“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” What is the sneakiest workout in TR? The one where you look at the graph and think “not too bad, I can handle that”. Then you’re in the middle of it and wonder “what was I thinking? This sucks”. For me, right now, it is Huffaker. How bad can six little 3 minute VO2 efforts be? The answer is very.


Not sure what part of Huffaker made you think that wasn’t going to suck! Climbing VO2 max efforts, ugh.




I was unable to finish Kaweah yesterday - so…I guess it’s Kaweah until tomorrow, when I see Huffaker. FML


Any session with single leg drills!



Although I wasn’t surprised it was hard.
I was surprised I finished and was able to walk afterwards.


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I was going to say Huffaker too! :face_vomiting::sweat:


I have Huffaker tomorrow morning.

This isn’t helping. :fearful:


There’s lots of of encouragement from Chad in the text. Don’t worry - “You got this!” :blush:

I’ve never finished Kaweah although I’ve tried three times!
VO2max and Sweet Spot usually works fine for me, but threshold workouts like Kaweah somehow tends to make me bonk really hard.

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Update: Huffaker was hard. Not too bad though.



Reminds me of time when I had only Tacx Antares rollers to work with.
So I did most of my workouts with soft-ish tire and cadence around 110 rpm, like this Huffaker.

I could get up to 250W of resistance (virtual power). All was all fine during sweet spot workouts until tubes started exploding during VO2max workouts.

It could be solved by pumping more than 70 psi in 23 mm tires. but I got way less resistance that way. Spring came to the rescue and I could ride outside. I bought mag trainer next year. I struggle at 110+ cadences now compared to that period.

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Beech - I used to love the easy rides but that was damn near imposible to finish today. Not enough pressure on the pedals to keep me engaged, but not easy enough to check out and just spin. Also really long intervals with nothing to break up the monotony. I wanted to quit Beech more than Mary Austin.

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Basin, the 1 min at 105% with another ramp after is very sneaky.

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Wow…Huffaker. Just …I can’t even. That was so hard. I could only tell myself these are the rides that create the biggest gains. Did the last 2 intervals at 95 percent and still wanted to puke.

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Spencer. Was light headed and felt like I was on verge of throwing up after my last interval.



Looks innocent enough. Doesn’t feel TOO bad during.

But really destroys my legs for the next 24hrs at least!

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I have that one on the calendar in July. I actually don’t like the look of it. :blush:

Spencer for sure. Huffaker without the ramp.



There’s also Kaiser which is Spencer with another interval. Then all the plus variations.