What's your "19 Minute Song"?

Killing in the name by RATM. Hit play at 15:35 for just the right boost.
My legs are like “Stop pedalling you idiot. This really hurts”.
RATM and my long gone teenage self is like “FU I won’t do what you tell me”. “FU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME”!!!
Gotta love a good sign along. :wink:


S.O.D. - Free Dirty Needles


The Wheels on the Bus. Suits any interval


Heroes Tonight

Any Zwift racer will get this🤪

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Is the Metallica Breadfan the Budgie song?
What %ftp do you ride an hour at to judge TTE? 100%, probably less

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Yup, it’s a Budgie cover, but the orig is pretty sweet — so heavy for its time! Metallica also did a cover of Queen’s Stone Cold Crazy which is also Ramp test worthy.

TTE test:
10min @ 95-96% current FTP
15min @ 102%
35min @ 103-120%

Read all about it:

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Not what I normally listen to but this is almost guaranteed to give me an extra minute and boosts up my cadence instantly.

People=Shit by Slipknot

Best part is early on in the song when they say “Pick-up the pace”. It’s angry but man does it work wonders!


I get too distracted with stuff around me,
So i make sure i turn the light off on the pain room/tv room/family music room.
It usually dark outside when i do this, so the room is pitch black. The only light source is the light on my phone that is over the drop bars of the bike.
And i just crank it out.

Maybe if i can get a nice play list that would pump me up during the last 6 minutes i would use it. So i will be tracking this!

Something from Doom (Original Game Soundtrack). Rip & Tear or BFG Division, but in general most of the soundtrack is a good boost


Oh man, I need to go find that. You’re right!

It’s on Spotify. Don’t know about other services https://open.spotify.com/album/0KQyC28P9808r0oKKNgHvp?si=TroTvaBgSkqOGTBZ14pT8g

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“The Time is Now” by Atreyu.


RATM - Wake Up.

I also have this on my 1h and 1h30 workout playlists, for the final interval(s). In the 1h30 I play through Know Your Enemy and Wake Up.


at 10 min I queue
Imagine Dragons Whatever It Takes
Imagine Dragons Yesterday
then… Facing the Giants Death Crawl scene


Bleed it Out by - Linkin Park …

or …

The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy


He’s either the worst or the best spin class coach. :man_shrugging:

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Usually I am not that fond of punk, hardcore and alike but when going gets tough it‘s Inside Out‘s „No spiritual surrender” for me.

The Song doesn’t work for me, but I applaud your timing :wink:.

Got the time by Anthrax :wink:

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Glory by The Score. Timed to tell me I’ve surpassed previous assessments :slight_smile: