What's next after Base?

Finishing up Base 2 (Low) in a couple of weeks and can’t figure which build phase is best for my end goal.
I chose low volume for Base 1&2 so I could pepper in Zwift rides or outdoor endurance rides ( also weight training legs) but am considering bumping up to mid-level for Build Phase? though if I continue weight training adding the 2 training won’t be an option as at 63 years old recovery time is paramount!
My end goal is to hit the Fondo/century spring season in form and then try and maintain the best fitness as long as possible (2-3 months?) after one A race in March and one in April. After that my calendar will consist of 1-100 mi. Fondo/race and scattered 64-71 mi. races per month till June.
Assuming my specialty phase will be Century Mid-volume what would be an optimal Build Phase?

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I would stick to the low volume if you still want to do zwift racing and weight training. Psychologically it’s always easier to add workouts than remove them.

As for a build plan, I did the sustained power build with the goal of doing hillclimb tt’s, centuries, and just having generally good legs for any distance, and that worked out really well. I think the mileage of your races are a little too high for general build.


Thanks that makes sense and good to hear from someone who has experienced the workouts before. I am very comfortable with the distance of my events/races I’d just like to come into season topped off this year then ride it out as best i can, take the summer off and race again in September if all goes well?
Much appreciation for your insight! Cheers :v:

yea time it so your specialty plan finishes right around your a race, pick one of the two and time it for that, make sure you rest up a little depending on the intensity of your A race, and then to ride out the rest of the season you can do the maintenance plan to keep fitness up. Once your season is over, see how many weeks you have between your september racing, I assume cyclocross, and you can probably do a build and specialty plan to match the racing. Then take a bit more time off after your fall season is over, and you’re right back here! Rinse, repeat, crush it!

Brilliant! No cyclocross though. I’m retired in Florida and we have races/Fondos and such 12 months’s a year!