What's Going on at UAE Team?

Surprised this hasn’t popped up here as a thread - I’m curious as to people’s theories.

There is a lot of complaining and some stuff swirling about NamedSport being the supplier (it’s weird the nutrition sponsor doesn’t want to be known, no?). They do make a “hydration drink” for “cyclists” that has creatine in it - I’m not sure if that is a joke, a possible tie in with Eurosport’s Ion Gottlich promos, or just a kitchen-sink approach gone wrong.

Thoughts? Opinions?

I forget which article I read but based on comments Dan Martin made it sounded like it had more to do with UAE’s pre and post race nutrition or lack there of. As far as gels and drink mix go those guys pretty much have access to whatever they want. Often other nutrition companies have tables setup pre-race where riders can grab gels and bars. You will also see riders horse trading pre-race and if a rider still has a good relationship with a former team who has a sponsor they prefer they will raid that teams bus before the race.

An article here for those who haven’t read about it

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Worst advert for a cycling sponsor since FUCKING SRAM


Yeh, I mean, all the UAE riders are being professional and not complaining too loud or directed about it, but for several riders to feel the need to go public about it speaks to some sort of divide between management and riders…

Anyways, I was just curious about what the internet-led theories about this are…

Haha, absorbed too much fluid? Sounds like guerrilla marketing. For example:

“I had to stop following my own financial investment advice – I was making too much money!”

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I’d never heard about NamedSport before today, and after reading this then an advert appeared in my Facebook feed! Either they are doing some giant marketing push or I need to fix my cookie settings! :grimacing:

Also have been viciously tracked by them across social media, major newspapers, etc…

It’s actually quite the opposite. The fluid absorption caused by creatine is associated with weight gain. Lots of sources on this online, this was just the first that google gave me

“After one week of high-dose loading of creatine (20 grams/day), your weight increases by around 2–6 pounds (1–3 kg) due to increased water in your muscles”

So yeah - absorbing extra fluid is not great for cyclists

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I read another story about UAE, which said that the team staff, forgot to make food for the riders for after a stage, so they had to stop at a gas station during a transfer to get some sandwiches. The issues might be deeper than just on the bike nutrition.

On the subject of NamedSport…I remember the SecretPro last year, commenting how he found it strange how none of the riders had heard of the company, but yet they sponsored every race. Their banner is on the boards, and on the overhead arches. The whole company just seems odd, but idk.

Maybe they should have opted for the gas station sushi instead?

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Latest on this, from Alexander Kristoff:

He’s still with UAE, so wonder if him talking about issues this openly suggests they might be riding 2020 with a new nutrition sponsor…

Wtf was NamedSport putting in their drink to make the riders gain so much weight?

They have creatine in some products, but even with that…