What workout did you do today? (2023)

I can’t decide if I admire the workout or the start time more :call_me_hand::muscle:

Both make me go :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Nice work @rkoswald !!

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Wanting to get more serious on training. Missed my Tuesday ride but did the Wednesday. I’ve never done directed bike training before, so this is going to be interesting, and good for me. Hoping i can build back, and better…

Glassy-2. Nice ride. Do Glassy-1 today. :hot_face:


Sadly 0430 is my usual start time in order to make it to work, and even then I’m pushing it. The commute starts getting really bad if I leave after 0630, so I’m cutting it very close.

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Today was Glassy-1! Lather rinse repeat, but with a little spice. Recovery ride tomorrow, and then two 2 hour rides for the weekend and quite a bit more spice. :hot_face:

Ride on…


I’ve decided to swap out my second Sweet Spot workout with Endurance during my first base block. I feel like I slightly struggle with longer sustained efforts, even at lower power.

Plus I’m trying to avoid burnout.


“If in doubt, do less” :slightly_smiling_face:


How do trainees swap workouts?

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‘Lazy mountain’…



I manually choose an endurance workout using the “Train Now” feature and ignore the planned workout.


5x 8 min tempo

I knew going into this workout I was only going to have three hours, so changed 5 x 8 tempo into 2 x 20 and 1 x 8 sweet spot. Would have really liked to have made that last interval 20 minutes long also, but was starting to get a little cooked.

Ok, gotta run to kiddo soccer games. Hopefully JOIN still gives me a rest week - not going to get a lot of time on the bike anyway with work travel and a camping trip on the calendar.


Well I found out that if you miss a day on the calendar, you can’t choose the one you missed. It looked like it was going to work, but it then started the workout for the day. I didn’t try to find that workout outside of the calendar. Wonder if I did, if I’d get credit for it on the Calendar.

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You should be able to select missed workouts. They will appear dimmed on the calendar but should be selectable.

I “missed” Slide Mountain on Wednesday:

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My poor butt. I haven’t done a long trainer ride like that in years. 49 minutes of that wattage.

But I survived. AND I do this workouts variant today, with longer recovery intervals. I’m hoping this builds a base that I lost over the pandemic and hip surgery. RIDE ON!!


Palisade +1 which is 45 minutes of threshold over/under.
This felt fairly easy. The legs burned a bit, but the cardio felt fine.


Easier than yesterday actually. Nice workout. Sorry that I didn’t get a level bump out of it. Only 49 minutes of sweet spot.


Venado - three 16-minute intervals at 94%


Its been gusting at 30-46mph today and with circa 90%+ humidity so I was forced indoors for my workout tonight, Mount Field. Its still a tad warm in the pain corridor but the RPE felt just about right for a low lever SS workout and on review my HR was about right too. I hope its a bit drier tommorow night as I don’t really fancy a threshold session in this:


You’ll have to make do with Garmin’s output as the TR web app has been forced into a spin by the work out and is taking a ‘Nasty Spill’

On review though I need to work on getting my cadence back up!

Edit: TR’s web App is up again:


I’m doing polarized build lv, with additional endurance rides outdoors on weekends. The progression chart doesn’t reflect the endurance work I have done because I don’t usually associate them to a TR workout. I feel like at some point I should put some work into the other power systems. :man_shrugging:


Starting my week a couple days late: