What workout did you do today? (2020, part 2)

The Owl +4 - https://www.trainerroad.com/app/career/bobw/rides/90396803-the-owl-4

Wasn’t looking forward to it and had considered just doing the standard version but managed this OK. The workouts with sprints followed by an effort around threshold tend to have me cramping, or at least trying to managed the onset of cramp, but that didn’t happen this time.


Well, I did the back to back days, but definitely noticed it is not as easy to do compared to sweet spot :sweat_smile:

Today I completed 2x20 at 97%. The last 5 minutes of the second interval I noticed my breathing getting a little more labored, but the legs seemed to be doing fine still. It just required a touch more focus on exhaling and pedaling circles instead of squares.

Tomorrow I think I will attempt a longer interval at 90%, and see how the legs hold up!


Last night’s workout, Palisade.

For context, I’m a runner and former competitive powerlifter who started cycling this past May. With this in mind, I ran 11 easy miles in the morning, along with a ‘post-run lift/calisthenics’. I planned to do Palisade in the evening and was far less intimidated by the workout as I completed Warlow the week before. My mental state beforehand was interesting, it was naturally dissociative, something I hadn’t experienced when it comes to harder sessions on TrainerRoad. Well that fucking faded when I got to the first interval LOL. At minute three I looked at the workout and negative thoughts filled my mind; “if you bail now, no one has to know” etc, but I told myself just finish interval one, and you can quit. Once I got to the end of the interval, I began to prepare myself for interval two, and told myself just finish the first third, then just finish the second third, and then the final third of the interval. Once I got to interval three my mental game switched from bargaining to a kind of destructive resolve “I’m becoming a mortal fucking weapon” and “mama ain’t raise no bitch”. Through the remainder of the session, this destructive resolve continued, and in turn I completed Palisade. This was definitely tough, but the mental challenges these intervals pose are truly rewarding once you finish.

Palisade :white_check_mark: Happy Alex!


Beech for me tonight. ERG seemed a bit off target tonight but that’s maybe because I was streaming Fleche Wallone over WiFi.



Nice relaxing indoor ride, 2 minute effort up the titans grove climb, all enjoyed and didn’t over do it.


Settling into Gibbs after Gibbs +1 yesterday :sweat_smile:

I’ve never done 2 hour days on the trainer consecutively. My legs were feeling a bit fatigued, which was probably from 2 hours yesterday plus some single leg squats.

I think the weekend could be ‘interesting’ if the weather’s bad! I’ve held back from Netflix etc so far, so at least there’s that to fall back on! These 6 weeks are going to be great! :hugs:


Nice and relaxing Z2. 0% decoupling despite 75% humidity was a nice addition to the workout. But my heart went for 1s into Z2 zone and that strangely bothers me :wink:


Washington -1

Last hard week of build, just Fang Mountain and Longfellow left before everything drops off next week. Did my Tempo run yesterday so legs where a bit tired going into it. Still, I thought I’d cruise it as I’ve been flying on the roads. Was much rougher than expected, legs looking forward to a bit of a break I think.


3x20 sweetspot today. legs felt good and did the final 20 at FTP. new 20 min power PB which was great too!

final week of my sweetspot plan is almost done, bring on the rest week!


Brick sesh today. Had Birch scheduled but wanted something a little different so I swapped this one in. Sprints felt good and legs responding well. Perfect morning out for the run, mid 50’s and calm. Medium-long run with some speed work tomorrow.


You completed it, so maybe a little reverse psychology worked?

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After a major dump of unseasonal snow in Canberra last week, I traded a normal weekend ride for an exploration in the snow. This was 3hrs of tempo and hard work! My followup ride(s) needed to be cut short, as I could feel the edge had definitely been taken off.


90 min of Sweet Spot with the usual Wahoo tickr reporting bad data at the beginning. One more workout on Saturday then 5 load weeks are finally over.


4x20 SS went by pretty quickly, HR was stable. The only problem was I had to restart my proverbial engine after the final rest interval. Fortunately, the spin came back easily enough. Next time I think I will shorten rests to 4 min, and try resistance mode!


Taku -1. Time crunched again today so 30 minutes of active recovery (trying to get the Zwift Working from Home badge). Couple of big days coming up.


Before tomorrow’s storm I thought I’d sneak an outdoor session of the low powered Volunteer before my calendar session tonight. I should have stuck to the 45mins instead of doing a 1h loop. It started :sun_with_face: but soon went :sun_behind_small_cloud::sun_behind_large_cloud::sun_behind_rain_cloud::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain:. 40mins after I’m back the blue skies are making an appearance again


Tough one today…
5 x

Tacked on an hour of Z2 after too.


1x45 at 90%

A little bit harder than SS has been in the past, but I did two back to back threshold days then this. So I’m gonna just pat myself on the back and take a recovery or rest day tomorrow before 1x90 SS on Saturday!


Freeride 60

Made a mistake, Zwift academy ride I had set my mind on turned out to be a Womens only event. Some two x 5 minutes at FTP and a 8 minute freeride above FTP.

Didn’t want to wait an hour for men’s group ride so I did a free ride to more than match what I was expecting to do(24.5 minutes @ 103%) and did it all on the EPIC KOM climb…PR’d it:)

image :smiley:


Confirmed that I am in fact the WORST SPRINTER IN THE WORLD. Just can’t seem to make power in 5 seconds.

My other workouts this week had more TSS but felt easier and were more successful.

Maybe I am just destined to be a slowpoke.