What workout did you do today? (2020, part 2)

I assume you will have a ramp test prior to starting SSB2 to help validate FTP


Did my favorite group ride on Zwift this morning. Was hoping to get in 90 minutes before the baby woke, and she slept, so I got a solid 2 hours in! Felt surprisingly easier than anticipated.


You assume incorrectly lol And, like Forrest Gump,that’s all I have to say about that lol

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Disaster done as part of the Finnish Independence Day.

Now some good food, and maybe a beer as a “recovery drink”. :slight_smile:



Another weekend with a kitchen sink style workout, this one was “Athlete’s choice” and I got to pick what to do. Part of the plan was to feed WKO’s power duration curve, and it wanted a 1-sec max effort, 2-min effort, and a 32-min effort. Instead of a 32-min effort I decided to do a 20-min field test, however legs were a bit sore and I wasn’t feeling fresh. So I called an audible, cut it short at 7+ minutes, and was able to calibrate my FTP for next 20-min field test. Really happy with the 2-min effort.


That looks like a fun ride! Might do something like that outside when winter’s over


Boarstone today.


I did Hunter outdoors. My PM crapped out with 2 min remaining in Interval 1, and now I’m not even sure it actually happened…


Gendarme +2. Made this the first workout of SSB2MV since i took ramp test Friday. Ended up averaging 140% for the intervals, but maybe should have aimed higher? Not sure if my Hr was sufficiently elevated for the majority of these intervals but there’s plenty of VO2 work ahead so not going to stress over it.

Petit for some endurance immediately after and it super easy after the 140% efforts.


Tallac + 2
Extending SS duration slowly



I think you might need to retest your FTP :muscle: :exploding_head:


Huge bump in FTP coming! Great work


The Count. You could probably drop the O from the title.
My attempts at single parenting and training were a failure over the weekend. So I decided to blow off work for a few hours today and get the job done.
95% for the first one, then 97% for the rest. It worked well given the universe has decided I no longer get to sleep through the night. The smoke alarm in the basement went off for no apparent reason at 2am. No joke.

Sunday’s attempt after 4-5 hrs sleep, while watching the Rescue Riders Christmas special to appease the little man. Not exactly motivating viewing while grinding away.
Can I have last years FTP back already!
46 weeks of fun starts next week. I’ve decided to write off 2020 and pull the trigger on Plan Builder LV for my target event in Oct. (Outdoor riding for added volume).


Beeing quite satisfied of my ability to comply to plan or modify the workouts according to conditions during the first block of susPBLV it was a real downer having to postpone Galena+1 due to a surprise visit from my mother (living 700 km away). Sunday I laid som new flooring in the basement and when the time for training arrived my legs did not feel good. Knowing that last workout was thursday I did need to do something, but I realized that Galena had to be postponed yet again and did Collins instead. The plan was to do Galena Monday, but now it is Monday morning and my legs felt as i did two Galenas on top of eachother. Even though I had to drop mother Galena I feel as the block was completed in a ok- manner. Ill just start my recovery week as planned now, so at least this week will have the possibility of full compliance.


AAAAAH, recovery week.
Plenty of time today, so swapped Petit for Townsend.
Nothing to report really, all is well under the sun.


Ouch here is mine done !!!


Should have been the Ramp Test, however …

I do the LSCT Warmup as my first workout of each week, partly to have another metric to track but in the case of the Ramp Test it’s to actually warmup. The problem was that during the third interval at threshold my legs were toast - the weekend’s efforts have left their mark.

I’m pretty confident that my FTP is in the right ballpark, the recent workouts have been tough but doable, so I’ll monitor things over the next week or so and adjust as necessary. A bit odd as mentally I was prepared for it, usually I’m a bit nervous.


Baird +6. Self selected FTP, even at 95% to complete, still higher than the ramp test gave me. :man_shrugging:
Didn’t get out of bed for the full half hour at 65%. Planning a double day to complete it later - probably not completely the same effect, but still, best I can do today!


Nice! Great to get it out of the way - I woke with a bit of a pain in my hip so I’m taking a day out - just means I have another 24 hours to dread the thing!