What workout did you do today? (2020, part 2)

Had warlow on the calendar today, only got through two intervals and failed the previous workout as well. Blaming it on life stress (and possibly the extra physical stress of strength training) and taking a week off. Then I’ll restart the whole week


Round Bald +3. Is there anything more boring? I’d prefer doing vo2 intervals… yes, its that bad.


I have been playing sports since childhood. First I did dance, then gymnastics, and now I do it to look good. Today I did fitness. I can’t do without music. Here are some of my favorite songs:

  • ‘One’ — U2
  • ‘No Woman, No Cry’ — Bob Marley
  • ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ — The Rolling Stones
  • ‘I Walk The Line’ — Johnny Cash
    I listen to music at Apple Music because I really like the quality of the music there. But I listen to music on other music streaming services such as spotify, soundcloud, liveXlive and others because there are a lot of cool albums and new songs.

Yesterday, a rough approximation of North Pack outside. Targeting anything like constant power on a rolling road and gusty wind is just about impossible. The initial sprints confirmed as usual that I cannot sprint to save myself.

Matthes +4 today. Quite pleased with this, a couple of months ago when I was looking at Spencer +2 in the SSBMV VO2 progression I was wondering how I’d ever be able to get through that one. Given an intervening FTP bump this workout is more or less 1.5 x Spencer +2 and while the intervals were taxing I was never not going to manage it.


Stage 3 // Virtual Haute Route Ventoux (A)

Fatigue caught up with me on this third day. Set up this workout so I could control power with ERG (some resistance done too) whilst I climbed to the finish on the Virtual Mt Ventoux.
Just ground it out to the end and I am now having a well deserved rest today, legs need it.
Zwift academy next…


This weekend was tough. VERY Early Friday morning I did Virtual Ventoux Stage 1 (4am EDT), recorded on TR using Free Ride.

I then worked all day and had a Zoom happy hour with some friends in the Pacific time zone that I haven’t seen in a long time. It was great to see them but we started at 8:30pm EDT and ended around 11pm, meaning there was no way I was going to get up at 3:30am Saturday to ride Stage 2.

I spent all weekend working on the house…my wife’s got some friends coming to visit this week, which means lots of stuff to do, including tearing apart an old couch (too heavy to move down the stairs, so we demolished it) and moving a new one in, cleaning the garage, etc. So, no ride Saturday or Sunday.

Today I decided to retest FTP using Kolie Moore's FTP test protocol. I actually started with the LSCT Warmup

and then followed up immediately with the Kolie Moore baseline.

I made it 20 minutes into the baseline test at target FTP, so I set my FTP to the result (still shy of target FTP) and we’ll see how the next block of training goes.


Spanish Needle-3. Did not think I would get past the warm up stage, as never done intervals like this before I joined TR. Somehow I got through it and dropped the intensity a few %.
Started in erg mode but ended up spinning 160 revs so went to standard which was fine though the recoveries were at a higher watts than recommended becauise of the resistance.
For a diesel ,this type of workout is ideal, and maybe I will discover my hidden potential as a sprinter :rofl: :rofl:


I went out for a ride today. Man it was windy. Managed to set new PR from minute 20-120. My buddy was not happy, I took out the aero bike and he had trouble holding on after an hour of the relentless pace I was super pumped to have such a good ride.


Reluctantly updated my FTP to a lower value (-4w)

I started indoor training in March on zwift. Close to 4-6times a week for around 4 months. I did a 6 weeks FTP Builder program on zwift and completed it 100% before signing up on TR. Got a FTP of 165w on zwift after the program.

Decided to get more serious, I dropped zwift and came to TR. 1st FTP test was 153w(-12w), accepted it and completed all workouts diligently. No backpedal and no drop of intensity. They were not easy or too hard but challenging. End of SSBLV1, I got a 154w(+1w).

Started SSBLV2 with 154w. Some workouts are really challenging but I went through them without dropping intensity/backpedaling. Today I tested 150w(-4w). I felt really good on the second last ramp. Felt that I bailed too early but what’s going on? Am I becoming worse? Because I don’t feel that I’m becoming worse when I’m on the road. In fact I’m a lot stronger.

Nutrition? Rest?


Thats your best measure. The numbers are useful primarily for training and gauging your sessions, but outdoor performance tells the full story.

I notice that you went from 4-6/week on zwift to SSB LV which is only 3/week - whether they are harder or not Im not sure. But if you are feeling good and completing the LV sessions you might want to try MV next.

As youre fairly new, theres a few basics to check; do you have enough fans, taking water and fuelling the harder sessions, that sort of thing?


Thanks man. I will take a look at MV.

During Zwift, it was a full lockdown so I did everything indoor. A couple of races with friends on zwift or workouts on the weekdays, and a 100km zwift ride on the weekend.

When I signed up for TR, We are kinda out of lockdown and outdoor riding is possible so I have been doing 3x TR on weekdays and a 3-4hr ride on the weekend.


Beautiful pictures, @JoeX! We were in London a few years ago. I got to ride a connemara pony in Hyde Park and canter on Rotten Row. Love that city.

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I dropped like 4 watts after the first part of short power BUILD! I was so bummed. But I left my higher FTP and completed the second part of build. After the second short power build I gained 10 watts (actually 14) which is kind of a lot because my raw watts are low. I just kept telling myself to trust the process.


This felt hard:

I think I crashed too much yesterday. I wanted to take lovely pictures from my neighborhood trails but I crashed so much that I got grumpy and just wanted to get home and eat ice cream.

It’s kinda demoralizing to realize that raising my FTP doesn’t help my technical riding skills. I don’t ride my neighborhood trails much because they are so rocky and chunky and I always crash. My husband never works out, doesn’t know what FTP is, but still shreds SO much better than me. Not fair!


Sometimes those sessions are not hard just boring and ERG kicks in to make them hard :wink::+1:

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More like Blue hell, bet nobody’s ever said that before🙄

I remember this feeling too easy the previous time i did it so bumped the intensity to get my breathing higher.


I know you didn’t ask (forgive me if I am being presumptuous) but can I just plug the first Lee McCormack episode of Ask a Cycling Coach podcast (AaCC 127). One of my all-time favorites.


@majorsensible - thank you! I love Lee McCormack. I took a clinic with him and cannot wait to take more. I need to revisit this podcast. You are right!


Continuing with my sweetspot progression. 1x75 today, overheated after 50mins and needed a back pedal to cool down. final 25mins were tough!


Wanted to test myself with The Power Test: 30s, 2-min 5-min

I did not do the entire 2-minute interval. I did 1 minute instead. I also did not finish the workout because I had a few things to do around the house. I do all of my indoor work seated as I am afraid of snapping my trainer in half while sprinting standing up.

2 PR’s

5s: 1256w
60s 558w

The goal is
5s: 1600W
60s: 700W