What workout did you do today? (2020, part 2)

Tallac today. Way easier than Tallac +3 two days ago but still was happy to be done!


So, I said I’d ride the Specialty Train to the end of the line. I lied :rofl:

With my A Event gone and the surprise opportunity to take a weeks holiday, away from bike, I realised that this was a sign. Drawing a line under this training block and calling it a success. I’ve experimented, learned a lot about my current abilities and really pushed myself.

Starting a new, tailored TR Plan in October. Fingers crossed for a better 2021 :+1:


Happy to get this bad boy out of the way! Bumped it by 5% for the first 20 min block but realised I was going to end up back pedaling well before I got to the end. Just Petit tomorrow then Lamarck to finish off the week :metal:


I was worried about my latest FTP after pushing too hard in the final minute of my ramp test but I’m coping ok so far. In fact, I feel like I still have a bit of progression in me, but with some tough workouts looming I won’t count my chickens just yet…


Denali+1…goodness gracious where does Coach Chad come up with these workouts?

Had to turn last interval down to 97% and even then cadence started to go early on in the interval


New Trainer = do a ramp test. Not sure about it’s accuracy. Old FTP 253, now 398. TR is great but not sure it’s that good over a week and a half…


Hahah…be prepared for 500 TR users asking what plan you were on to get that increase.

Wasn’t aware it was possible to get 33min into a ramp test!


Ha! We’re a crazy bunch. J

Powell -3 this morning with a 5 AM start. I cannot imagine completing Powell based on how this went


Was dreading Junction -1 after a fairly distressing experience with Spanish Needle two weeks ago. Microbursts are not a strong point (yet). I managed to get through it, employing the old ‘counting to 10 method’. Two hours of Sweet Spot tomorrow, then I’m done with this Build phase and on to Recovery week (which I’m also kind of dreading).


Week 3 GBMV, avalanche spire +1, I definitely am feeling the fatigue today even though I did great. 2 more workouts to go :muscle: hopefully I can pace my ramp test a little better since I feel stronger in my high end power.


Holy hell man! That’s crazy

Been riding outdoors as the weather in the UK has improved immensely over the last two weeks. Turbo’d this one this morning. Onwards.


Easy day after VO2 max. Surprinsigly Ochoco has become very long active recovery ride.


Tough one for me today, sets of 3.x2.5 @ 118%. I could tell at the end of the first set that the intensity wasn’t sustainable, dialed it down a few ticks, still was cracking at the end of the 2nd set, went down to the minimum (110%) and was able to complete with no more cracking. Happy to have stuck with it. The CX specialty plan is interesting for me so far, I’ve nailed some tough ones (Wynne +1, Dade+3) and had a tougher time with a couple (Flume +1, this one) but having more success than failure. I think I’ll start Kaiser dialed down next week lol


Nothing special just a very satisfying workout. One of those occasional workouts that just seem to press all the right buttons and produce a feeling of time well spent.

Kaweah including all of Chad’s optional drills ( Interval 1: aero position; Interval 2: single leg focus; Interval 3: alternate one minute out of the saddle (mid-70s rpm); Interval 4: quadrants; Interval 5: aero position.)


Trainer road had me down for life’s a ‘beech’ tree. I spent the whole hour pondering my cleat position. The left cleat didn’t feel far enough back but the left leg wasn’t coming up to the chest as much as the right. I messed them up when I fitted a new one a month ago after buying it in a lbs and I don’t think I got the spacers right. It’s hard to know when I can’t feel the nerves in the feet at the moment (damaged by chemo).

So after an hour I decided to micro adjust my saddle down by 2mm and the cleat forward by 2mm and gave it 10minutes on this:

Felt good and responsive but we’ll see :thinking:


Looked for a two hour tempo ride for today and settled on this:

The notes were kinda scary, but the IF looked fine and my big bike is named Blue so I gave it a go - it is a totally fun ride. The VO2 parts are super short. It actually did feel like one of my favorite trails.

Yesterday actually felt way harder:

I’m taking tomorrow as a rest day so I can grow some mitochondria and muscle! :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Looking forward to recovery next week.


I repeated Carson, as it was my first time back since air quality stopped play and I wanted to resync myself with SS LV1. Did well:

Found it much easier to grind at low cadence if I used my biggest gear. ‘Easy’ in the sense that I wanted to keep my cadence at ~75 for Carson. My regular gearing just seems my flying away to ~90 or so.


So I took 9 days off completely and decided to come back into it with a custom sweet spot progression. I didn’t want to retest because I had just gotten a sweet new ftp the Monday before my vacation. Tues was 4x12 at 90% and the last interval was toooooough 9/10 RPE. Today was 2x20 at 90% and it was a little easier 8/10 RPE. Don’t think I could have done another 20 minutes that’s for sure, the last 10 minutes of that second interval was tough. I also carbed the eff up for this one :muscle:

Saturday I’m gonna do the Haute Route climb and probably 3x20!!!