What whisk(e)y are you enjoying?

Yep…my buddy grew up in Fallon…I think he actually got them at a special event at a local grocery store.

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My favorites:
Eagle Rare
Elijah Craig barrel proof
Balvenie Doublewood


I enjoy the smokiness of the lagavulin for winter nights by the fire place. Will sometimes go with laphroaig if a particular occasion.

Currently drinking an Oban 14 neat with a few drops of water.

Highland 12 for weeknights.

For bourbon I usually go Hudson baby bourbon with some ice.

I’m not proud of being a whiskey snob but got into it couple decades ago and sadly for my wallet I can’t go back to drinking the well whiskey I enjoyed so much in college.


Balvenie is one of the best bangs for your bucks out there for single malt. Served it at my wedding and kept the bar bill manageable.



A drop of Glenfiddich. Cheers.

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Not to distract from the whiskey discussion, but have you tried Hardshore Gin? Would be curious your opinion.

Also, reading through this thread makes me regret my dry January decision. :sweat_smile:

I do not enjoy whiskey. Alcohol does not smell good and tastes terrible. I do not understand why people drink it.

Obviously the people who drink it don’t think so.

Personally the only terrible tasting whisky I’ve had is Japanese and the super peated stuff like Laphroaig :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I like whiskey, scotch, bourbon, they each have different purposes.

Found a Macallan 12 on sale over the holiday, it was a sign that i had to replace my
Aberlour A’bunadh (sp!?) that was 60 proof or something.
Glenfiddich 14 sits on the shelf just in case
I have had a few over the years…i’ve started enjoying it probably 3-4 years ago i think. So i don’t remember all the name sadly

I’ve enjoyed Redbreast irish whiskey
I’ve tried a few different Juras with friends but not fully my thing.
Someone brought me back a JD Distillers from their visit at the distillery and i was pleasantly surprised
I i feel cheap and just wanna get drink or mix it in drinks i use grants…and my mother in law always leaves some crown royal here for her drinking pleasure.

I’ve started on bourbons in the last year or so, while i like them taste wise, they don’t give me an as good/giddy feeling as the scotches I’ve enjoyed so far, don’ t know why. I also enjoy that the price tag for a really good bourbon is much lower than the price of an okay scotch.


Sadly we finished the bottle of Ardbeg Kelpie, their 2017 limited edition, just before Christmas. My wife bought it for me for completing the Highland Trail MTB race (550 miles around Scotland) that year. She did check how much another bottle would cost but baulked at the £250 or more :flushed:

Currently have another smokey malt from the neighbouring island of Jura.

For those who don’t like the darker, smokier malts try and locate Ledaig (pronounced Letchik) which comes from the Tobermory distillery on Mull. Very light, it has the colour of a typical Cabernet Sauvignon, and much lighter in flavour as well.

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Got this for Christmas. It’s fricken awesome. Had one small glass on New Years Eve and now it’s been put away for very special occasions.

Plus I’m doing 100 days alcohol free so April 10th is soonest I can even consider reopening it.


This is my cycling syrup.


you bet it is. I love mine. I’m trying to taper a bit as well. too much drinking lately, get so ticked off with potus that I’m hitting the bottle.

To be thread relevant.

I had some Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve 9 year. A good inexpensive bourbon, but really top notch flavor and nose. Needs water though, had it on the rocks, 120 proof is a bit strong for me…at least while its my first glass and not already drunk.

Edit: Q for those that know. Is Glengyle going to release more Kilkerran 8 sherry cask strength? I heard raves about the release in 2019, but couldn’t get my hands on a bottle. I’m really wanting to try a dram.

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Ever tried this thing?

It’s good fun in cold weather (and when the snobs aren’t looking).


I never knew Fireball was considered a Whisky


in college. vague recollection, along with schnapps of different flavors.

technically it’s not a whisky. abv is too low.

Is this a USA only thing?

Can’t say I have. In fact don’t think I’ve even seen it over here.

I have got a bottle of Aberlour a’bunadh which is being slowly drained but it is ~62% (so 124 proof) so not having a lot each time.

Surprisingly smooth at that strength!!