What whisk(e)y are you enjoying?

As I’m currently enjoying my Christmas present, which I know is going to add at least 40 watts to my ftp, I thought about the beer thread and how perhaps we could do with one for those who enjoy a much higher abv!

Anyhow, my Christmas gift was a bottle of Lagavulin 16, which I’m thoroughly enjoying!

What about you? What whisk(e)y are you enjoying at the moment? Do you have a favourite that you keep coming back to? Does it make you faster!?


I keep the Macallan 18 in the back really only for very special occasions. Wedding day, graduation, getting my job, most recently passing my series 7 and 66, that was a year ago and I haven’t opened it since. Really more of a gin guy but I stick to bourbon for the colored stuff. Bulleit and Four Roses are my budget go-to bottles, and Elijah Craig 12 year is tasty too. Of the mainstream I think Makers is really good

For locale reference I’m in the US so some of the brands I mention may not be abroad


what Whiskey? yes



Bourbon drinker here, though I’m not one to turn down offered scotch I just don’t buy it for myself. When i’m feeling thrifty I buy Rowans creek. When less thrifty, Noahs mill. Both by the same distiller but the more expensive is barrel strength.


Haven’t tried Macallan 18, looks like it’s a little out of my price range! :grin:

Bulleit and Maker’s Mark I have tried and very much enjoyed both. :+1:

Just googled both, and here in the UK, neither are that thrifty. £56 for Rowan’s Creek. :frowning:

Angels Envy Bourbon or the Rye. Green Spot for the Whiskey.

Used in moderation of course. :grinning:


None and loving it. Gave booze up 7 years ago. Lost 60 pounds ready de 6,000 miles last year. Don’t miss it a bit.


Green Spot or Redbreast 12 are my gotos


We have this too

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LOL, I got the same as you for Christmas. At the moment, however, I’m enjoying Ardbeg Uigeadail. Cheers.

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Been drinking daily for the past week. This #!@!#$. Definitely feeling it in my workouts, but damn.

Glenlivet 18
Glenfarclas 25
Glendronach 15 Revival
Wolfburn Morven

Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 23
Frey Ranch Batch 001

I’m thinking about to head out and buy a bottle of Mortlach 16.



A few.



Right now I’ve got:

Talisker Storm

Maker’s Mark (my go-to drinking whiskey)
Evan Williams (for whiskey cokes)
Law’s Bonded Bourbon (just picked up)

Also drink a good amount of Blanton’s at my parents’ whenever I visit, my dad is obsessed with them.

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A few choices at my friends new years get together…


Suntory Whiskey…nothing fancy, but I like it.


must be some export shenanigans with them. I do shop around for best prices at brick and mortar and found the best prices for each respectively at $35 and $47 US near me. I say thrifty since the high end stuff from the Jim Beam line like bakers and bookers has gone way up to $52 and $80. And while bookers is my hands down favorite full stop I’m rarely willing to spend $80 on whiskey these days what with all the bike parts I need to buy. I can’t imagine what those would cost for you in the UK, but it probably evens out since I’m guessing your scotch prices are probably more reasonable due to shorter distance to travel. I’d drink a bit more Glen Livet nadurra or lagavulin if it weren’t $80 in my neck of the woods.

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Angels Envy is my new favourite Bourbon!


Doesn’t suck. Got as a gift, not looking forward to returning to more economical swill once it’s gone.


2 bottles of the Frey Ranch Single Barrel. Wow. You must live in Nevada. I can’t get that, would have to make a trip to the Frey Ranch distillery (7hr drive one way) to see if they have any left.