What is the Giro Aerohead of Beers

Without any testing, the Aerohead is supposed to be the go to tt helmet for most people. That is, it may not be the best one for you, but it’s close to it.

I have guests coming this week and I don’t know them well and I’m not a big beer drinker. So what is the Aerohead of beers?

Aerohead tested only 4th best for me, but it was better than others :wink:
Very unpopular opinion on beers as a German, but I am always stocked up on Heineken and Budweiser Budvar (the Czech Lager, not the American Light).
Never have I ever had anyone over, who was so unsatisfied with my selection, that they decided against having a beer, and most people rather had several :smirk:

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@Alen in wich part of the world are you?

I like Beavertown. They have a nice selection and the artwork in their cans is a nice conversation starter

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I’m in The Woodlands, TX

Someone more local to you will be able to advise some local brewery! Good luck :rofl:

That selection is very niche. Can’t be the Aerohead of beers. The beer must be available in most places.

Heineken was a thing for us in 1980 :joy: and for the first time in a long time had one a couple weeks ago. I took a sip, made a strange face, and my brother-in-law said “you like that skunk beer?” :rofl: Yes it still tastes the same 40+ years later.

There isn’t one!

My in-laws drink:

  • Corona Premier (low carb)
  • Pacifico
  • Modelo
  • Bud Light
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Corona and Pacifico give me a headache. Modelo is acceptable but I prefer Modelo Negra. The only one with some flavor is Sierra Nevada, but its not my favorite.

What I’m saying is “know your audience.” There are some good local craft beers in Texas if they like craft beer. Or you can go corporate and buy the ones advertised during sports like Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors, etc. But I think it better to know your audience.


Like I said, I’m not a beer guy. Drink wine when if i ever drink alcohol.

Do you have anyone to ask what they like? Even broad categories make it easier than throwing darts at the wall. My brother-in-laws won’t drink my beer and vice-versa lol.

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Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing would be my bet. Widely available, pretty delicious and solidly middle-ground ABV.

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First, you must fly to Switzerland. Then get on a train bound for the Bernese Oberland region. Find a small outdoor cafe overlooking the Eiger. Then order a Rugenbräu. Sit back and enjoy. Then fly home.


Get some Karbach Love Street, it’s a very easy drinking beer that’s tasty but not overwhelming in any way. Probably the most common beer served at reliant, toyota center etc. Kind of a local beer but were purchased by InBev a few years ago.
If you want something fancier go with Yellow Rose from Lone Pint brewery out of Magnolia. It’s a bit stronger flavor but VERY good and still not too weird or niche that it would be likely to offend.
Both of these can be found at your HEB’s ,Kroger and what not.

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Thanks all. I don’t know anything about beers. I’ll try some of those recommendations.

Bell’s Two Hearted


There is no Aerohead of beers……what you need to find is a beer that is just “acceptable” to most people.

In that light, I would suggest Samual Adams Boston Lager. It is far from the best beer, but it is acceptable enough that most people would drink it.


I generally buy two types of beer for situations like this:

  1. Pilsner beer. Usually a good Czech or German - like Budvar or Koenig. Maybe also Stella or Miller Lite to give people a name they are familiar with.

  2. Pale ale. Not IPA, as that’s often too hoppy for many. Something like Sierra Nevada or Mirror Pond pale ale.

And buy some decent whiskey also. If anyone in the group likes whiskey, you’ll make them an instant fan :+1:t3::+1:t3:.


I was thinking about this today and my list for great variety would be:

  • Weihenstaphaner Hefe Weizen
  • Modelo Negra
  • Bells Two Hearted Ale
  • Miller High Life

And just now I searched “beer to buy for company” and the first article I clicked on was titled “The 13 Best Beers to Drink in 2022”

Had all 4 of those, and the list has another 9.

Before last week I would have put Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA instead of Bells Two Hearted. Both are great.


Fellow German here. The world is big, and the number of good beers great. My wife typically prefers Belgian and Belgian-style beers. A good (real) Czech beer is also nothing to sneeze at. When I visited Munich recently, I got to drink local beers that aren’t exported.

IMHO it isn’t about crowning a winner, it is enjoying the competition and having lots of great choices.


The Aerohead analogy doesn’t hold because the aerohead is already in a defined category. You’re asking what the aerohead of all helmets is, sort of.

If you like dry and tart try a Czech or German Lager (Budvar, Jever, Warsteiner for example). If you want a bit less of the hoppy bitterness and a bit more of the earthy grain aromas go with a brown ale. People will hate me for it, but I’ll say go Newcastle Brown for starters. If you like it sweeter and more fruity, try a wheat ale, Schneider or Spaten. And finally for a fair mix of most aromas beer has to offer, an old school Pale or even a tame IPA, like Brooklyns, Lagunitas or Sierra Nevada.

Just like a great aero set up the trick is to do a lot of serious testing


New Belgium Fat Tire would probably be my, “it’s pretty damn good, pretty inoffensive, easily purchasable” go-to if I knew nothing about what someone liked.