What Traning Plan am I on?

Moment of madness going on here so my apologies.

Going through my calendar tidying things up and as I’m near the end of my plan, I want to choose my next.

But for the life of me I can’t find the name of the plan I’m currently doing. Help. Confucius reigns.

@HeltorChasca Go to the app, scroll to your first workout (ramp test) and it should say there

It should also show on the corresponding area of the calendar


Fantastic! Thank you. That would have taken me all year to find.

@Jonnyboy solid assist there, mate!! Glad to have such helpful people on the forum! :beers:


You’re welcome, it’s nice to pay it forward.

Besides, you guys are GMT-8… you’re in bed half the time us UK lot are on here :joy:


Exactly!!! It makes it hard to keep track of everything! :wink: