What to do with a skipped indoor workout?

Today I had the workout Fletcher on my schedule. I did that workout yesterday but had to end about an hour and 12 minutes in due to pain from the saddle. I couldn’t stomach the thought of getting on the trainer again today. Fortunately for me the weather was decent where I live and I opted to ride outdoors. I found out that Fletcher has an outdoor option named Bridger which I had to do with the RPE format since I don’t have the means to do power nor a Garmin etc. I read the instructions and tried to do my best in following the RPE instructions. All in all it was a good ride of 1 hour 11 minutes and at the end I felt pretty close to the way I feel at the end of Fletcher.

Since I skipped the scheduled indoor ride how do I record the outdoor ride I did? If there is no reasonable way for me to record it on Trainerroad do I just ignore the indoor ride? If I ignore the scheduled rides will Coach Chad come through my computer screen and slap a knot on my head for not doing a workout? :smile:

Do a Manual ride entry on the right day with the instructions here.

Set the time and intensity to get the estimated TSS similar to the planned inside ride.

You can also set it as “Complete” and associate the manual ride with the planned inside ride.

Thank you sir! I was able to put my ride on the calendar but could match it to the scheduled Fletcher ride. Probably because I don’t have a Garmin or Element nor power meter. I just have what MapMyRide shows me on my phone. At least this way I have some record of my efforts. Again thank you.

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