What to do next?

So here is what happened. I was doing the doing General Base Mid Volume and I finished General Base I and was half way way through General Base II when I got the flu. It took me about a week to get over the flu and just as I was doing that I had to go out of town for work. So missed a solid 2 weeks of riding. This week I want to try to get back into the plan but it’s a scheduled recovery week. I am thinking about doing five endurance rides to get myself back into riding form without getting hurt and then roll into the planned intervals for the next phase next week. Or should k just create new plan and let it start me over since I missed 2 weeks. Not sure how to move forward.

Your fitness that was there before getting sick didn’t vanish. Taking a few days of “just riding” followed by a few workouts of lesser intensity (e.g. choose an alternate for a lower PL) and you’ll likely be right back at it. Just ease into it… and if you still aren’t ready then you can hit the reset button. But why not see how you bounce back first?

This is probably a good plan. Pick some endurance workouts near your current PL and see how it feels. If the first ride or two is exhausting, you still have a few days to recover more.