What to do in my “lull” between seasons

So my summer season has wrapped up. Overall it was positive and I achieved most of my goals but I still have a lot of work to do.

I’m planning on starting trading for 2019 in january, starting with a base phase. Until then however I’m in a bit of a lull. I want to take a little time off the bike, which is currently going on (riding 1 or 2 days a week, unstructured) and adding in running (during my season it’s hard to do any significant running).

One thing I’d love to use this time for is to drop some extra weight and more importantly drop some fat percentage. Since I’m not training at the moment it seems like the best time to do that. It’s also starting to be trainer season here in the Northeast and the majority of my riding will be indoors from now until spring.

I’ve done the calculations (based on my macros) and can work towards my goal (at my present activity level, mostly running) by removing 200-300 calories.

My question is… what is a good plan for where I am right now, the in between time? Should I be looking at a program or just individual workouts? Any advice to fill the next 2.5 months?

2.5 months seems like a very long time before you’d need to begin your base phase. When does your ‘season’ start and when is your first race?

Without knowing the exact timing it is hard to say for sure - but you’re probably going to be well served by starting base training after your unstructured time (say, first week of November).

Roughly speaking it is 7 months to go from base (12 weeks) to build (8 weeks) and specialization (8 weeks) - so if you’re starting in November you’d be ready for an end of May A race. Since there are races in the Northeast US starting in March I’d think that’s probably about right as you can start to mix in your local B and C races in March/April for a (total guess on my part) peak in May

I had an enforced break from the bike through injury for about 6 weeks. I did some running. Also did a fair amout of work on core strength and flexibility. I dropped weight and body fat with these activities, despite putting in a fraction of the hours. However, lost about 10% power right across the board. If I were able I’d still have done some high intensity bike stuff to keep a bit of the top end there.

We always recommend taking a bit of a break from structured training, and then focusing on some personal limiters. If you’re lucky enough to have extra time between seasons or plans, you can use that time wisely and train some of your weaker areas to come into next season that much faster. Check out these articles we wrote on the subject:


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My first race is in April (date is TBD) and you have a good point about the MANY months ahead. I didn’t even consider that. Took another look at the calendar and I totally see it now.

I’m going to do a Sweet Spot Base LV1 plan, which will take me to Thanksgiving, get some work done while still leaving time for some running, strength training and flexibility work per week. This will be my first TR plan I’ve done some I’ve very curious going into it with good fitness and no expectations. I’ve also go some bike fit I want to work on during this.

I’ll use December as my “off” month (thank you @larry for the articles, great stuff) and dive into a Sweet Spot Base MV1 plan in Jan.

Thank you everyone.

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