How much down time for offseason?

I’m curious how much time everyone is taking (or took) off between seasons? I just used the calendar to plan out 2019 and was surprised that a base/build/specialty plan progression would have me starting base phase in three weeks! I am now debating if I should take a couple weeks off to reset before diving in.

Curious what others are doing. I know the mental/physical break would be good for me but I hate to “lose” fitness…

I usually take 2 weeks completely off the bike, and then an additional 1-2 weeks of completely unstructured riding.


My “A” race for the season was the 1st Saturday of November. FWIW my coach had me take 8 days fully off the bike. She then had me ride 6 days a week for the next two weeks with my choice of Endurance type rides. After that we started a base phase.

I basically sat on my arse from end September to the end of November. But I’ll be training flatvout from now until my A race in April

I think message in this is stronger the more consistent you train:

  • have you trained every week to schedule all year so far? If so, definitely put two weeks down time in.

  • has your training been constantly interrupted through work, life, holidays, etc? If so, either back off a touch or wait for the next inevitable interruption.

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