What tablet to use with Stages SB20, to connect with TR and Zwift?

I’ve ordered my Stages SB20 indoor trainer and it should arrive in a couple of weeks :grinning:
I’m wondering what tablet would work best to connect with TR and Zwift.
Does anyone have experience /knowledge ?


Anything that will run Zwift, will run TR since Zwift is far more demanding than TR on a device side.

So, you can check the Zwift spec requirements and recommendations:

I am not sure if the SB20 offers multiple BLE connections. If not, you may need to connect to one app with BLE and one with ANT, which pushes you towards Android in some cases.

It also may get messy if you want both apps running on the same device. Generally, unless you run a Win/Mac device, it is easier to use a separate device for each app. This is the best guide on mixing the apps:

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While I can’t guarantee that this is correct, my understanding is that the SB20 currently supports one Bluetooth connection to its app on a companion device, and then one more Bluetooth connection for something like a tablet. It’s expected to support multiple BLE connections in the future, though.