What’s wrong with desktop app not showing workouts

No workouts are showing up, TSS is all wrong, seems like I can’t do my planned ride

Edit: was able to go in a back way and find a workout I wanted in a plan but this is bad

Hey! Can you touch base with support to make sure you’re on a current version and that something isn’t amiss? I wasn’t able to recreate that issue on my end by trying to ‘add a workout’, so we should have the team take a look at what’s going on!

You can email them at support@trainerroad.com, or submit a request online. Make sure to include that screenshot along with your username. Thanks in advance!

I’ll do that after I finish the ride. Definitely new version I just did the restart to update today

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I’d the same issue with it last night. I’ll contact support.

Sorry for the trouble! So it sounds like some athletes might see this happen after updating TrainerRoad, but it should resolve itself once the workouts list finishes downloading.

Of course let support know if it persists, though!

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I’ve been having some weird issues with the Windows Desktop version also - started with the last update.
The issues I’m having include workouts all showing up titled 809 (as above), workouts I did showing up as skipped, outdoor workouts (imported from Strava) not showing up on the calendar, and (just yesterday) completed Warlow and had it show about 8,700 TSS for it.
The odd thing is that the web calendar shows everything correctly and the app calendar clearly isn’t syncing with it - the Sync button is greyed out. Also, logging out and then logging back in didn’t fix it.
I also tried deleting the desktop app, downloading it again, and reinstalling which also didn’t fix it.
I think there are just some bugs with the latest app version. For me, I’m not terribly concerned about it because I’m still able to do the workouts on it and the web calendar still shows everything so I’m sure the app will catch up at some point.

I deleted everything TR off my computer and did a fresh install and it’s all good again

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Hi everyone,

The described behavior should resolve itself once our workouts list is able to resync itself in the background. This will likely take a few minutes and you should be able to see the status on the Workouts page.

If you jump straight into a workout after opening TrainerRoad, the sync won’t be able to happen and the issue will persist until you give it time to sync.

As @Cleanneon98 said, you can also remove TrainerRoad from your computer, download the latest version from our website, and reinstall which should make the workouts list current without needing to wait for it to sync in the background.

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This was the case for me. Big relief that I wasn’t going to have to do a 1.27 trillion TSS weekend. I do not have enough bananas.

EDIT: revived a dead thread. my bad

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