Workout not appearing in the website?

I just completed a workout in the android app, but it doesn’t appear on the website. I’ve tried re-syncing it, which says it has synced but it still doesn’t appear. Not sure if it makes a difference, but in the calendar I had planned to do Goddard, but instead I completed Goddard-4. Anyone have any ideas?

Have you checked the “Career” and “Past Rides” as well as the “Calendar”?

I am seeing some delay in workouts showing in the “Past Rides” right away, but delayed in the “Career” section.

Seeing the same here from the Windows App and not syncing to Strava also.

Same happened to me, completed it about an hour ago and only just now did it upload to the website. Still hasn’t synced over to Strava, but I guess their servers are just struggling a bit at the moment. I did the “re-sync” thing multiple times, don’t know if that made a difference

I had, but I just looked again and it showed up. It’s also showing up on the Calendar now (as processing). Glad it hasn’t disappeared into the ether!

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The same happened to my, but instead I did a ramp test. It worked fine synced but it doesn’t appear on the website, but the FTP is on the website and I can’t send it to TrainingPeaks. I did a request to the helpDesk. I hope everything is ok.

Hey guys, we were just making some database updates which resulted in slower processing times for the last hour or so. You should see your rides start to appear on your Career soon, sorry for the delay! You won’t have to take any action, that was just due to some slowness on our end.


Awesome…workout has now appeared. Thanks for sorting this out & letting us know the issues. Keep up the good work.


Thanks guys! Much appreciate it!

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ye same problem. Workout has just appeared. Still not synced to strava though.

@Eightball, that workout was Tunnabora, right? I did some digging and it looks like it did finally make it to Strava.

You are correct on both counts. It took some time but did finally pop up on my strava. Thanks for looking into it.