Calendar isn't showing workouts earlier than last October

Anyone know why historical rides don’t show? Starting this week, rides done are missing from last year.
I installed the update this morning and rides still aren’t showing.

Thanks for any ideas!

For clarity, you are talking about the TR desktop app, running on Win or Mac?

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In Mac.

Cheers Coach Chad. (going to miss happy hour today…)


For clarity, I am NOT Chad Timmerman (TrainerRoad’s Head Coach).

  • I’m just an active forum member and big fan of TrainerRoad. #TheOtherChad :wink:

To your issue, have you let the app fully sync after the fresh update? Sometimes it can take a while before the history is re-pulled into the fresh app.

Oops. Sorry about the mixup.

Not sure about the sync… Calendar has been open over an hour since the update. No change since the first few minutes of it updating and opening.

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OK, might be worth an email to to see if they can find the issue.

Ok thanks.

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