What PR did you hit today?

Did a 2*20min threshold workout today and I did it indoors, but progressed on outdoor power. Not the greatest idea ever. I went up the beautiful slopes digital Innsbruck. It got really agonizing really quickly. Something like 12 minutes into the first interval I had to promise myself, that I wouldn’t do the second interval, to not have my legs stop spinning immediately :joy:.
The final 3 minutes were pure hell. I was so bashed after 20 minutes, that I inadvertently closed Zwift right away. (Maybe my subconscious trying to prevent me from any more agony?). I re-opened Zwift to at least do a proper warm down. The route went up the other slope of Innsbruck KOM, so I said to myself to at least do this at 4W/kg, so I at least get some value out of today. 2 minutes in I saw the current leader was reachable for me, so I got motivated again, and pushed hard to snatch the KOM jerseys both ways.
The first 20 minutes were at 366 Watts (@71kg bw), which is a PB indoors (and pretty close to my best ever outdoors), and for the second interval, I got myself to do 15 minutes at 356W and the final 10
Minutes of that at 368W (which is my third best ever indoors - yet quite far off my best ever outdoors).
Pretty please with how things went, and goes to show, that the mind often times cracks earlier than the body😌.


Some more PR’s on another Zwift race.
30 sec: 719W
20 min: 315W
30 min: 308W


Hit my target for the year , The magic 100 :smile:


Wow! 100 is a lot. I never got it beyond 80.

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Ironman training :+1:

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Okay, so your doing 3 Sports. So my 80 are basically equivalent to 240 in triathlon… :face_with_monocle:

Just kidding, still super impressive to thrash your body like this. :ok_hand:

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Now that’s what I call a good day in the office.
Take a look at those ALL TIME numbers


37.5 min @359W and 71.2kg BW. Longest 5W/kg held, yet.


Zwift academy 4 min all out, new PB :grin:


Dude, are you pro? 516 for 4 minutes, >400W FTP. That‘s brutal. RESPECT!


You are a rower, aren’t you? You have to be a rower:)

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Rowing seems to be the best prep for cycling there is. The best rider in my area is a WC winner rower also, and he bangs out 430 or so for 20 to 30 minutes.
And then there is Jason Osborne, who wins every race ever on Zwift, and he is on the German rowing roster for Tokyo also.


Yes - this is my theory. If you want to be a good cyclist your main discipline has to be rowing.

4.42 wk/g for 10 minutes. (intervals puts this wk/g at 10 minutes in the high 60s percentile, but raw watts (379/380) up into the 90s… I’m thinking about a TT bike for next year)

Thursday I did antelope, (4x10ss) but I had a feeling it was too easy, as my FTP hasn’t been updated recently, so the third interval, I decided to do some mental prep for my next 20 minute FTP test. I rode it above my previously tested FTP, and even above my previous test power. I think that given the right mindset, I can probably do 4.5+ for 10 minutes, and hold 4.4+ for 20 minutes. This would give me a 9-10 watt bump from where its currently set.

Also, anyone know why the intervals site skews so light-weight? :man_shrugging:


Yes ex rower :sweat_smile: and agree it gives you a great platform to start from for cycling.


30min PR 280 (this actually went to 40mins @ 95%), 60min PR 270 during zwift race today

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My children will have to take up rowing at age 4, so I‘ll have a good excuse to ride in the Dolomites, Pyrenees and French Alps in 20 years time :sweat_smile:


It was tail wind and there was three of us but I was quite happy with this PR at the end of our ride today :+1:


Picked up 5w on the 3 hour power today (ignore the Elevation since the headunit was stationary)

Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 9.58.47 AM


What’s your position - seated, “static” standing, ???