What plan to start next week?

I’m relatively new to structured trainer having purchased a CycleOps Hammer and recently completing the full 12 weeks of Sweet Spot Base Low Volume. A recent ramp test puts me at an FTP of 245 which is 3.4 w/kg.

I ride XC mountain bike and I will do a couple of races during 2019, but my main goal right now is improving fitness and continuing with structured training. I have also started strength training recently and would like to continue doing that at least 2 days per week, although I want my cycling to be primary. I live in the midwest so a lot of time will be on the trainer over the winter.

If I had to pick an A race for next year, it would be July 21. To complete a full base, build, and speciality by that date I would need to start the 2nd week of January.

My question is what should I fill the space between now and January with? Should I continue with the progression and start Short Power Build even though we are going into the winter and that may be difficult with strength training, or do I just start another block of SSB?

Thank you for any feedback.

Personally I’d go with general build (or maybe even sustained power build) upto January start date (make sure have rest week before you start).
Will give good around fitness build but don’t personally see point in short power build this far out from race since shorter power is generally quicker to build but also lose nearer the time.

Just my 2p worth!

I second general build, low volume, then start back at ssb 1.