What plan for cycling vacation?

I am doing a cycling vacation with daily average of 50 miles and 7,800 feet of climbing for 6 days. Is the gran fondo plan the best plan to follow? Thanks in advance

If it’s 7800 feet of climbing per day then something like climbing road race might be better. I personally would do a few back to back outdoor rides but work more on climbing.

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What plan will probably have marginal difference, what’ll have more impact is jus selecting a plan and being consistent to it. You can always change the speciality down the line if you feel you need to. But I think your leaning to the Gran Fondo plan is the correct one. A climbing road race plan is probably more apt if you aim on punchy attacks on the folk you are on holiday with but as said whatever plan you go with will be marginal compared to consistency. PS enjoy your break :+1:


I’d choose Gran Fondo.

The focus on threshold and sweetspot is exactly what you need for big days in the mountains.

I’ve done climbing road race in the past, which has served me very well for days centred around single efforts, but perhaps left me a
A bit weaker on bigger days.

This year I’ve pivoted to Gran Fondo for this reason. It feels more suited to the kind of efforts on bigger days out.

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