What now? Just repeat?

I am just about complete with sweet spot base 1 and 2, sustained power build, and century plans, all low volume. I’m wondering what to do next. Do I just repeat the cycle?

I have no particular goals other than to stay healthy. My non-trainer road riding is predominantly flat and relatively slow 35 - 60 mile rides. I am a 55 year old male, my ftp has gone from 202 to 229 during the program. I do not have a smart trainer, so really short high intensity intervals are challenging to execute. My least favorite workouts have been the v02 max variety.

Thanks for the help, and sorry if this question has been asked a million times (I haven’t been able to find the answer).



Base > Build = Rinse & Repeat


Go back to base then build again. See if you have time for the mid volume and if not look at your weekly TSS numbers and see if you can bump them up 10% for more of a stimulus.

I think a lot of us are going to be in this situation. For me I’d do Base -> Build -> repeat but just go through the various Build plans to give you a bit of variety or to work on whatever you perceive as your weak areas.

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Thanks everybody.

Step 1: Ride bike.
Step 2: Have fun.
Step 3: Ride hard sometimes, so hard you want to stop, Don’t stop though, because that’s what makes you faster.
Step 4: Ride slow sometimes, so slow that you can enjoy the scenery. Enjoy it, because it’s pretty.
Step 5*: Ride with friends and/or strangers. Sometimes use Step 3 to have fun with them, sometimes use Step 4 to have fun with them. ALWAYS go for coffee and/or beers after.

DISCLAIMER* when all this current BS is sorted


As the kids used to say, ‘Nailed it!’.
I’m going to expand my t-shirt biz and put your list on a pain cave poster. :+1:

as they’ve all said, build again, but one thing that you mentioned:

Do THESE!! If you don’t like an interval, it’s a good sign that you should do them :wink:

MIx it up too…tabata style or 3-8m classic. There is a long thread here on that.

good luck!


The rinse part is important, btw.

Saddle sores = no bueno.