What is your L/R power balance?

I’m about avg 47%/53% (but i see 46/54 sometimes)…

My right leg is a bit shorter…

mine is 50/50 on almost every ride

It varies and will occasionally drift due to fatigue, power output, or potentially the bike I’m on that day

No drift

This is why I think its important to capture total power instead of doubling one leg, the variation in power can be pretty significant even if the avg in the end doesn’t look that off.


I’ve only recently noticed the L/R balance as I’ve started using Garmin more.

Mine’s consistent at 53/47 which is somewhat interesting, though not something I pay attention to/see use from. The weird thing is it’s higher output on my left leg which is my weaker leg. My theory is that it’s the @Nate_Pearson theory where Lefty is like the afterburner and is noodling more often compared to the other just putting out closer to it’s potential.

See what it is during hard efforts

I’m sure it’s closer. That’s my point, the left leg, which shows as lower usually, has more headroom for increasing output.

Just a theory. I’m not fussed about left/right balance enough to test/monitor it. It was just something I noticed in the last couple of weeks since a change in device and having that data point pop up for the first time.

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mines 50/50 or 49/51 usually.

I ran Powertap P1 pedals for years and it was normally 48/52. Then under hard efforts or sprints closer to 50/50

Usually 52/48, sometimes it’s perfect 50/50 and usually when in higher intensities it’s 48/52.

Generally 56/44 in favour of left leg (weird as right footed!). It was a sad day when went from single sided (left) PM to duel sided? :joy::joy::joy:

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I seem to be 56-44 on recovery - low Z2, then 50-50 on harder efforts.

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Almost always 51/49, 50/50 or 49/51

Typically between 52/48 and 50/50

Usually 47/53. Sometimes 48/52 and very occasionally 49/51.


Usually 51/49, sometimes 52/48.

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48/52 or 54/46. Depends on the type of ride. Intervals where I focus it’s 50/50 or 49/51.

Usually 52/48

60/40 but evens out as intensity and/or fatigue increases.

My stronger leg has an arthritic knee!

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41-43/59-47 :unamused: