Power imbalance between L/R

Just listened to the TR podcast / YT video on power imbalance. I know this is a controversial subject but I am consistently getting 38/62 to 40/60 on my L/R Average % when I’m outdoor riding on my bike. Doesn’t matter if it’s long or short or how intense the rides are.

Bike has a S-works dual sided power-crank and its a new bike.

No injury issues, have been strength training both legs historically but first time doing indoor training. Is this something I should be concerned about / try to fix? 60/40 just feels like a huge variance so wanted to see if anyone had advice here.

Some images from my wahoo element below:

Looks like some suspect data to me

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S-Works are using Quarq right? That’s not “real” L/R data so you are aware of that. I thought I had a huge discrepancy and I did, 46%/54% L/R but that has evened itself out during more time on the bike so now I’m usually 48/52 or 49/51. Measured with Assioma Duo’s so they’re 100% correct. :slight_smile:

Agreed on the suspect measurement. You’d know if one leg was that dominant. I am usually around 52/48 and can feel that my left leg is the more powerful/dominant leg (it’s my jumping leg, back foot on a skateboard, forward leg when mountain biking, etc).

Thanks all, I believe my power cranks are based on 4iii technology but upon reading user reviews on google, looks like these particular ones have common issues around power readings and imbalances. You were correct on suspect data!

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I’ve got a quarq which is the same - “measures” L/R but its not really a true L/R. The most imbalanced i’ve ever seen that number is 48/52

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