What is the real problem with TR / Wahoo? [Adaptive Training]

Excellent thanks Nate. Hopefully this dispels any conspiracies floating around because it really just sounds like a typical Wahoo limitation

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Excellent Update.

So here’s a dumb idea from a dumb IT person. Why don’t you send some very short but imperceivable to the user info to the workout you can see back when its returned in FIT. Like <1s intervals that are unique to each library in the workout.

The target that comes back from that nano-interval could be used to identify what the workout was. Couldn’t you do target RPMs that would be a non issue to the rest of the work out?

Example - workout A starts with 59x 1s intervals at 1RPM target, followed by 1x 1s interval at 2 RPM

Workout B, 58x 1s at 1RPM, 2x 1s at 2RPM
Workout C, 57x 1s @1, 3x 1s @ 2rpm.

Target RPM of first 1 min comes back, parse, vlookup, now I know what workout you attempted.

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That would be very hard with all the workouts we do. And Strava changes data once they get the fit file :upside_down_face:.

But I like the idea! Sort of like Independence Day when the aliens used our own satellites against us! :joy:


I do wonder why Wahoo stuff has to go through Strava when there appears to be a wahoo api but they can connect with garmin via the api. I’m sure there are reasons, so I’m not pressing for answers, just a general musing (plus I use garmin so I’m happy lol)

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Thanks for the update Nate. I love the amount of transparency from the team and I’m blown away by the integrity of the leadership team.

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FWIW, the Strava FIT I download using the web interface is bit-for-bit identical to the file downloaded from Garmin Connect. Can’t speak to Wahoo files, as I only have a Garmin.

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It kind of blows my mind that there are still file formats in use today where you can’t just add metadata.

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So what your saying is I have a future in Hollywood

Can I really opt out and make room for someone else? I wasn’t sure I could do that.

I like TR anyway, so I don’t need AT to improve my experience. I thought it might be fun to see how I was improving, but I use a Wahoo head unit for outdoor rides so the main benefits of AT are lost on me.

Strava’s API does not provide a way to download the original files sent to them. That’s only an option for the owner of the file via the website.

I just took the FIT file for an outdoor workout done on Wahoo Bolt and compared it to the Strava “export original” version - they’re identical. Opened them both in Golden Cheetah and the “workout code” field is showing empty:


I’m assuming this is the field TR are using, but it seems that the Wahoo itself doesn’t record it into the file. Which is a shame, or we could just work around this mess by importing the Wahoo .fit file into TR from DropBox or Garmin Connect, cutting Strava out of the picture.

So I think BOTH things are true: a) Strava don’t send it via their API, which explains why Garmin .fit files don’t work if coming via Strava, and b) Wahoo don’t record it into their .fit file at all (I’m assuming they do get it when the workout is synced to Wahoo by TR, but aren’t recording it)

And if Wahoo are getting the workout code when the workout is synced from TR, then I imagine it would be a pretty easy thing for them to fix. Which does lend some credence to the idea that they just wouldn’t prioritise something like this for the benefit of TR!

But really:

This will be very cool and kill all the birds with one stone! Counting unstructured work is more important to me anyway - I stick to doing my key workouts indoors and AT is working well with that, but would love to have other outdoor rides counted.


No Strava public API but it’s possible via http so anything is possible via private api / negotiation. In any case, TR has opted for taking time to develop generic solution.

Are you referring to FIT files? Because my Garmin records metadata and a lot of other interesting stuff like battery info of every connected sensor.

Could the associated workout be fetched from the users calendar based on the outdoor ride that they scheduled/pushed for that date or one that it had been manually associated with

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I’m sure it would be possible for them to match them up somehow, but as Nate said - they had ideas on how to do this, but decided their new approach would work better anyway while also solving multi-level credit for outdoor unstructured rides. Makes sense to me, we’ll just need to be a little more patient for it :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this is associated or not but very recently TR outside workouts sent to Wahoo haven’t been loading up correctly for me but any outdoor ride I then do that day gets associated with the ride (that doesn’t load correctly) on the calendar… hope that makes sense.

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The ability to download the original FIT file is from the Strava website which is protected with actual user credentials. Authorization for the Strava API is done using OAuth. A 3rd party application/site such as TrainerRoad would not have access to the user credentials required to authenticate the http request to download the original file.

It’s also against Strava’s TOS to use anything but the API.

“You cannot use web scraping, web harvesting, or web data extraction methods to extract data from the Strava Platform.”

https://www.strava.com/legal/api (section K, vi)


have had the same - one time the app didn’t seem to load it when I hit sync and the bolt didn’t show a notification but once I started riding the page was surprisingly there. The next time the page never showed up during the ride but as you say, later in the calendar it associated the ride with the workout.

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It’d be nice if the TR team would provide a Dropbox workout upload option so we didn’t need to rely on Strava and their tweaked files to pull in outdoor rides. That would make TR compatible with Wahoo and others because it’s a straight file upload.