What is the real problem with TR / Wahoo? [Adaptive Training]

This already exists, see the support article here: Importing Outdoor Rides Into TrainerRoad – TrainerRoad

However, in this case I think the Wahoo itself isn’t recording the required field (in ADDITION to Strava not providing it when transferred via their API). This is based on a few assumptions on my part, but it seems to be the case.

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I’m angry but I’ve been told it’s not on TR end so not use in being mad at them. I just use my Fenix 5 for workouts. No biggie.

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As a person who does lots of mixed threshold and endurance rides, this pleases me greatly to hear.


Late for Wed night worlds and rode backwards doing short intervals to wake up the legs. Support said something similar to Nate, which is very encouraging :+1:

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Thank you for getting back to us.

So to make sure I understand, in the near term, if we do a structured OUTDOOR ride with a wahoo, we will get progression level updates, but always to a pass level, unless we say otherwise in the survey, and that this temporary change the fix that the engineer will get to in a few days.

A more intelligent fix is coming up in the future (the alpha testing you mentioned).

Did I understand this correctly?


Just for my understanding: If I do an outside ride (let’s say 2h z2) on may wahoo and I match it afterwards with a comparable TR Workout (i.e. “Klammspitze”) would that be a solution or would that outside ride still not be counted?

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I’ve noticed that when I filter by ride power level in Past Rides outdoor rides appear in the list. TR is categorising outdoor rides - clear progress towards PL credit for unstructured workouts

In fact, they have PL levels attached! How long has this been a thing?

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No, this would not be counted.

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March 2022 would be excellent with me :+1:

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Yeah Same Page. If it hits start of 2022 it will be golden. Till then I am very Happy to still use it for indoor rides. I know, looking at my powerlevels outdoor Yesterday that BOiiiii did I Smash out a +5% workout Vo2Max :metal:

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Guys, just to be clear, I’m doing outside workouts on a Garmin and unless the intervals are long (15+ minutes) the workouts aren’t getting classified correctly as completed vs failed. Seemed like it was a back end issue the team is working on, and because I’m seeing it with my garmin, not necessarily Wahoo specific. Know the team is working on it.

I’ve got this too, but only for a very few rides - most of them old, and without power data! This one from last April with no PM on the bike:


I can only assume that this is some kind of bug… or possibly some kind of trial.

Looking loser, yeah. I can see it’s the sessions that were well structured rides with names like “3x7’ @ 340W”, “3x30’ Z3” and “Coburg North Noodle” that got graded.

But not only - some of my outdoor rides with no power, no hr have had progression levels applied. Perhaps from an RPE ?

Would a suitable interim fix be to allow a user to manually tell TR which outdoor workout it was supposed to be?

There will be some updates and fixes that help address the outside workout credit issue, not exactly in the way you describe, but it’ll help. :sunglasses:


Just curious if this update and fix will look at past outdoor workouts also? And if it will flow to TrainNow for those of us not in the beta yet?

Ooh, my progress levels seem to have changed and I haven’t done a ride that isn’t outdoors and wahoo for a few months. Looking at my calendar, I can’t see what’s contributing to the PLs but it seems something is happening now. Cool!

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No such changes for me

Me neither - just did a planned outside workout with wahoo and same as before.