What is the minimum amount of time I need to spend in the Ramp Test to see an FTP increase?

Based on my understanding (which admittedly could be flawed), the ramp test always starts at a given % of FTP and steps up 6% per minute.

I always test in erg mode (so I’m not deviating from the target wattage) and I’ve noticed that failure usually occurs around the 19 to 20 minute mark. Now, since my next test is always based on my previous test’s result, I’m thinking there must be a point in my next test which would result in value equal to my current FTP, and any time spent in the test thereafter would equate to an increase in FTP. I’m guessing that point within the test probably occurs around 20 minutes, meaning that as long as I’ve beaten that time, I will see an increase in FTP.

Obviously this could all be wrong, but I’m still curious if there’s a way of knowing how much time I need to spend in a test to see an increase in FTP.

The calc is roughly highest 1 min power * 0.75 if not mistaken, so it would be which ever step, or combo or partials, gets you current FTP / 0.75. This may not align perfectly to a step.

19min. edit 19.5min


pretty sure its 19 minutes and 30 seconds

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Hence this thread:

I didn’t know before seeing this and putting two and two together lol


Isn’t that almost like cheating the test a little? Get to 19 mins 30 sec and know you’ve made gains so stop potentially earlier than you could have done?

Its not exactly getting to 19min 30 sec, You have to maintain the wattage. I have got to nearly 20min 30 sec but legs were dying and hence the average 1min power was exactly my current FTP.
If you can get to 136% of your FTP , that’s where you are at 19min, you have been 6min above your FTP anything to help mentally I will take.