Helmet recommendations

I’m looking to get a new helmet soon. I’ve been using a Giro Cinder for a few years, and while it’s a great helmet in terms of protection, I want something that is more sleek and/or more aero. The main drawback to the Cinder for me is how wide it is. I feel really goofy wearing it, like the sides stick out really far.

My main focus has been on the POC Ventral Spin or Ventral Air Spin because these seem like the “thinnest” helmets on the sides. Does anyone have other recommendation for good-looking lids that aren’t going to bulge out a ton on the sides?


I have this Bontrager Velocis MIPS which is fairly low profile. I had ordered a Ventral AIR but it seemed like a bit aero trade off, and when I replaced the pads in my Velocis the sweat stopped pouring into my face, so cancelled the POC order. It’s a little warmer at lower speeds but past 15mph or so it’s got great airflow


In white, with white-frame Oakley Sutros, too! That’s like my ideal setup right there! Looking good, man! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll look into this one.

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I’ll be following this discussion closely. I am in the same boat, with the same helmet.

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I have the Ventral Air Spin and can confirm that it is, in fact, narrower than other helmets of the same size.

I also have the Specialized Evade II and I look like Toad from Mario Bros when wearing it.

I have a big head. My poor mom…


If the Giro fit works for you already, consider the Aether. I have a huge head and it’s one of the few helmets that doesn’t make me look like I’m about to turn up on a construction site.

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Same here, Ventral Air Spin, lovely helmet! I too have to go up a size, but its not an issue since its a bit narrower than other helmets as well as its predecessor.

Got one in AVIP colors (the red orange) as well as white. The red/orange one is REALLY good when you want to be seen. Have had multiple drivers tell me they could see me from a long distance :slight_smile: Usually wear this one when I ride alone during spring and fall.

Can really recommend :smiley:


My last helmet which I have been happy with was an Oakley A03. I mainly got it because I wanted something brighter than my protone and for a third of the price it seems to me to be equally as good and it holds my sun glasses better :+1:

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I also have a Giro Cinder and they make your head look way bigger than it needs to be. :rofl:

Has anyone got a Giro and a Bontrager who can comment on fit? :thinking:

When I had a motorbike a good few years ago it was one of those things when getting a skid lid that if your head fitted say a Shoei it wouldn’t necessarily fit say an Arai. Having tried Kask they never sit comfy but all the Giros seem to as do Specialised. Must be down to the head shape lasts that they mould them on.

So if any has had both can they comment on fit/comfort…

I’d like an Aether as @BaronGreenback suggests but they’re a little too pricey for my pocket at the moment but arguably still way cheaper than a new :face_with_head_bandage: head. :grin:

Edit - does anyone know which Giro the GCN boys are using currently?

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I rather like my S-Works Evade II :man_shrugging:


Not sure where you are based but you could have a look at the MET Trenta 3k / Trenta Mips / Rivale - all really nice helmets and low in volume and good for aerodynamics.

I was wondering about MET as well, but they do not appear to have an active US distributor, even though the coverage of their release of the new MIPS helmets does quote a US MSRP.

If you’re searching for an aero road helmet, then I think that the Specialized Evade works the best for a wide range of riders. I know Josh Poertner has mentioned on his podcast that that’s what he saw in wind tunnel testing. It fits similarly to Giro. Unfortunately, when I tried one on, the sides of the helmet were pressing uncomfortably on my temples. I went with a Bell Z20 aero instead.

I do fit Giro all right, but the Vanquish seems to be more aero with the visor on, and I’m not really interested in a visor.

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I find it impossible to recommend helmets as it is so fit dependent.

Bell helmets work well for me. Giro in general don’t. Neither do specialised.

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I love my POC Ventral but would never call it “thin”. It’s the widest helmet I’ve ever owned. Lots of Mushroom :mushroom: jokes out there about POC road helmets.

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I also like my evade that I recently bought. I think it’s on the narrow side but it does extend a bit front to back. So while the helmet looks big it’s more long than wide.

Exactly the point I made above and why for example I can’t use Specialised helmets.

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Specialized Evade II for fast group rides and racing (pic is from Pescadero RR) and Specialized Prevail for regular group rides and general riding. Evade II is very aero (big difference) but lacks the ventilation of Prevail.

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I also have an Oakley AR03 and an AR05. AR03 for very hot days or lots of climbing, AR05 for everything else. They might stick out more than you’re looking for but the are super light.

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I’ve always recommended the Giro Atmos but they discontinued it :crying_cat_face: it’s also my favorite helmet. The Lazer Z1 looks similar to the Atmos but I’ve never tried it.

I’ve checked out a lot of those mentioned and others. Note that each manufacturer’s helmets, like shoes and other kit have unique shapes that fit the shape of some riders better than others. Here’s my take on the fit, aerodynamics, safety, comfort, cooling, and noise characteristics after testing 9 of the better-known aero road helmets. THE BEST AERO HELMET FOR ROAD CYCLISTS | In The Know Cycling