What is the Giro Aerohead of Beers

I guess that depends on how you read @Alen’s original post: IMHO it isn’t reasonable to expect that there exists a single answer, because e. g. I don’t like high IPA and other very hoppy beers. But I wouldn’t call a high IPA from a microbrewery bad, just something I am not interested in.

If you want to stick to the spirit, I think the translation of @Alen’s premise is: what is a pretty good rendition of this type of beer without being exceedingly hard to find and not being “too opinionated”? That’d exclude many Bavarian beers, because some are only sold locally.

@Windwarrior made a pretty good list: these are all beers, which I have been able to find on three continents so far, and they are decent renditions of their respective types of beer. :slight_smile:

Carton of PBR I won in a beer prime. It’s not the Aerohead if it’s not at least a little embarrassing on first impressions.

(On a more serious note, I almost feel like wine is a safer bet than trying to guess what kind of beer people like, but I’m a degenerate so I might be wildly off base there.)

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I agree. Wine is so much easier. Especially since I don’t know squat about beers. Every time I try beer, I’m like “why am I drinking this?” I rather have a water or Coke Zero.

Isn’t Shiner Bock the default beer in Texas?

Wine is not really easier… red or white or rose? If red, and its Merlot or Zinfandel or Malbec then I’ll pass and drink water. Except a couple weeks ago someone insisted I taste a Rombauer Zin from Fiddletown appellation and it was exceptional. A friend’s cousin started Caldwell Vineyard in Napa back in the 70s/80s, we went for a private tasting recently and interesting backstory as he smuggled Bordeaux root stock into the US. I’ve had Carménère and never really cared much, but his was fantastic. We are swimming in good wines in this area of California, but just like beer (and food) there are so many wines that I would pass on and only a few that I really enjoy and buy.

Are they staying overnight? what about coffee in the morning? Let’s talk coffees… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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MGD = Giro Aerohead

As a craft beer snob this is the answer for me.

It’s the one macro-brewer I genuinely enjoy drinking. I always have a case in the fridge. Coors Banquet is a close second. Anything else isn’t worth drinking in my opinion.

I’ll make you a cup from whole beans, Nespresso original pods, or K cups:

and if you are picky, bring your own and be the barista!

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Outstanding! I will bring Intelligentsia Black Cat and Red Rooster Flight. What time is breakfast? :rofl:

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8:30am in these parts, but you gotta bring some local-to-you Live Oak Hefeweizen for the evenings!

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Brewdog Punk IPA… Overpriced, tastes enough like an IPA to fit the trend, but is light enough to adapt to everyone

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I take a similar strategy. A pilsner, or a wheat beer, or something like Blue Moon. Or maybe a blonde ale, but those aren’t always available this time of year.