What happens if I don't create a plan but use the recommended workout everyday?

What happens if I don’t create a plan but use the recommended workout everyday?

You get fitter with no specific focus.


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Well put.

You have to schedule your own rest weeks because there will be no built in periodisation.


@Rhitter and @Scheherazade nailed it here – you’ll get recommended workouts based on your recent riding, but it isn’t meant to be a replacement for a training plan.

It can be a great tool to use for “filler” workouts within a larger plan, or as something to use as a one-off way to get a recommended workout if you’re not on a plan right now. For the long-term, though, we’d recommend using Plan Builder!

I think the recommended workout would be a good option if you knew that your training time was going to be hit and miss for a while (e.g. like travelling a lot over the festive season) and you didn’t have any challenging goals before mid-May.

I can also see it working well for someone who doesn’t have a particular goal, and who enjoys group rides a couple of times a week, but wants to rev the engine a bit once or twice midweek. I actually suspect that describes an awful lot of club cyclists.

Thank you for all your help.

Just created my first training plan. :+1:t2: