Apart from plans. what should be the weekly training plan?

I know Trainerroad had the best training plans across all apps available… Even though they are not tailored for everyone, it still fits most of the people’s training needs and makes you faster.

If you don’t want to go with a plan, how your training plan will look like?

It depends. :slightly_smiling_face:

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When training you have two options

Either do what you want or you think will benefit you , probably in a rather random manner
Decide on how you want your training to progress and what your end targets are and then organise your sessions to achieve that.

The second one is structured training AKA a plan. It might not be a formal plan such as TR provides but nevertheless it is still a plan.

A typical structure might be 5 days training out of 7 - TSS of 300-350 2 sweetspot sessions, a VO2 max session, and tempo session and a recovery/Z2 ride.

I am not sure if that answers your question or not but it is the best I can do based on thelimited information you provided.

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Huh, if you don’t want a plan, how do you plan? If you don’t want a plan, which I assume you mean a structured TrainerRoad plan, then you can do whatever you want and looks interesting that day. However, know that your potential fitness is likely to be lower than what you could have achieved in a periodized structured TR plan progression. There is quite a bit that goes into the plan progression, workouts, interval structure, rest and TSS ramp rates. That would be pretty difficult to structure for yourself without some significant knowledge and experience doing so. You are far more likely to get it wrong than right and be disappointed that you’re not achieving expected fitness goals.

However, if you want to plan a no plan, then pick whatever workouts look interesting for the day. I would add in at minimum of two days of rest and no more than three high intensity workouts per week.


Odd question indeed. If TR plans aren’t what you want, you’re best to buy one of the many cycling training books and learning about how they suggest to make a plan.

It’s a lot more effort to do and get good results. That’s what makes TR so great, it takes all the hard work and research out of your hands for the most part.

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I don’t think this is a strange question.

The structured workouts are not tailored for everyone but mostly fits to all. I agree that it requires quite a lot to know for a personalized plan but what I was asking , is it 2 VO2Max, one SSB,etc. Just to understand what type of workouts people are following when they are not on a plan.

Anyways, @John_Hallas respond answers my question.

Thank you.

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Generally something like: Two blocks of base build heavy on Z2, tempo and SST. Increasing TSS as the blocks progress trying to push CTL up high. Then a block or two of specific work with the most intense intervals early in the week when fresh and the lowest intensity late week. Not as worried about TSS or CTL but time in zones for specific work.

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