What electronic music/DnB for hard workouts? E. g. Noisia, Calyx & TeBee

Ram 25 compilation works pretty well for me. 41 tracks will see you through most workouts.

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This is good. I like more variety in drums typically but for a tough TR session, I approve. Some gems in here and well mixed.

Binga x Fox x Foreign Concept:

Bowlcut Beats · Bowlcut Mix 007 - Fox X Sam Binga X Foreign Concept

Moresounds: Pure Niceness:

Big Up Magazine · Big Up Mix 98 - Moresounds [Pure Niceness Tape]

For sweetspot efforts/sessions I am a massive fan of Stanton Warriors - this particular mix works so well for me: Fabriclive 30 mixed by Stanton Warriors - YouTube


I find listening “Jean Michel Jarre” is pretty cool and works nicely on a wide range of hard efforts, specially the looong intervals…