What do you use to track any weight sessions? (Strength Training)

Years ago I started using Fitocracy, is there something better?

Graphs and statistics and data visualisations are always nice, and I feel Fitocracy has always been a bit weak on this front.

Additionally, is there some metric similar to CTL that can be tracked for this sort of thing? I’m guessing not given the infinite variety of exercises…

I use BodySpace but it wasn’t a researched choice. I do like the video guides on proper form for lifts I have not done before.

I create a trainer road workout and put in TSS manually. I generally do a similar workout each time, with a varying number of circuits depending on the time I have available. So my TSS estimate, while I’m sure is not right, is at least consistent each time.


There’s an earlier Forum thread on this topic . . .

In my response(s), I explain how I determine a TSS for each weight session. With regard to logging it, I use TP Premium which syncs with WKO4, so I can look at TSS by activity (e.g cycling, weight lifting) and combined.

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Bodyspace. Lots of workouts and video explanations. Good source.

FWIW I record my strength training workouts with my Apple Watch. Then I use HealthFit to sync to TP and Strava. I then pull across the reported TSS from TP into TrainerRoad.
I used TP to monitor my level of fatigue.

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I got tired just reading that workflow.

I used to use a Garmin Fenix 5 and HR-strap to track my gym-sessions but now I just don’t. I know I’m working hard but that does not need to factor in with TSS from the bike. So my advice is to write down how your strength is progressing and skip trying to factor in TSS/hrTSS or whatever.

Same here but after Fito was sold to boxer Floyd Mayweather’s company years ago, there has been zero development and it occasionally goes down. The new owners used it to launch Mayweather Boxing + Fitness app but that only has bodyweight.

I’ve switched to logging with Strong app (https://www.strong.app) and its awesome but no community. I use either Strong app on my phone, or Apple Watch. Much better than logging with paper.

Ah ha, I thought it was odd that it hadn’t moved on on the two years since I last used it!

Make sure you calculate and log the TSS :+1:

RepCount is a nice simple app. It doesn’t have much in flash but it’s easy to setup and use and doesn’t require a lot of taps during a routine.

I tried tracking weight lifting TSS for awhile, and then realized it really wasn’t helping me plan cycling workouts. Both Strava and Strong feed into Apple Health, so on rare occasions I do look at total volume of cycling and strength, but never use that for planning. And Apple Health doesn’t support TSS, but as I said tracking total TSS wasn’t providing me with anything actionable. For certain I would track total TSS if training for triathlon…

You of course may have found the opposite to be true for cycling and weight lifting. Or are just more of a data geek about tracking total TSS.

HealthFit is a nice app, I’d love it if TR allowed tracking of the major endurance sports and weight lifting (like Strong app). Garmin Connect (at least the web version) allows some strength tracking, but last I looked it wasn’t possible to create workouts. Seemed to be targeted at Garmin wearables that automatically recognize strength exercise (e.g. bench press versus bicep curl) and track reps.

Shame the Pro version is £5 a month or £65 lifetime. I like my £1.99 apps!

they changed to a subscription model at some point, I bought an earlier version that had one-time upgrade pricing.

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I use BodySpace . It’s the best personal trainer combined with the world’s largest online fitness community.

Garmin 945 with Polar OH-1 so that I don’t have to wear the watch while working out. I track the TSS based on RPE in TR calendar with recurring workout setup 3 days a week. I like having it all in the same place. Hopefully it will sync from Garmin automatically at some point, but I’m happy as it is. For exercises and rep counts, I have a good old fashioned notebook.