What do you think about the new Garmin Dual HRM? (Heart Rate Meter)

Checkout the new Garmin dual HRM. Sound promising with TR app.

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The ability to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously was the thing that piqued my interest.

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Get a rhythm 24…same features…WAY more comfortable.


DC Rainmaker has a review here…


What do I think about it? I don’t…I’ve had a Wahoo that’s done that for years.


I was thinking about getting one, but it seems expensive compared to others. I wear my Garin 920XT at the gym where I do my TR workouts. That records my heart rate, that then syncs to Garmin and Strava. If I got this HRM or similar I assume I could just use it with the TR iOS app?

Unfortunately it’s not reliable and gets poor reviews. I wish arm or wrist HR monitors were as good/accurate as chest HR monitors, but they’re just not during intense activity.

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Since the HRM also transmits in BLE, yes you can use it with either the iOS or Android apps without a dongle/adapter.

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I haven’t seen any bad reviews. I had a mio link that was horribly inaccurate…then I went to a scosche which was much better. The rhythym is very accurate in high intensity levels in my experience. I wear it on my upper arm above my bicep. Battery seems to last forever, I think I have charged it three times in the two months. So much more comfortable then a chest strap.

Amazon user’s give it a 3.1 and “light-based” HR monitors have a problem with accuracies in general. They do well at rest, long intervals and in ideal conditions. However, they tend to lag and are inaccurate in higher intensities, intervals and adverse (athletic) conditions. I found this to be true with my light-based HR wrist watch as well.

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Thanks @Redtires you might have cost me some money!

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Or get a wahoo and save $20.


I previously had a lot of struggles with Garmin straps. They always worked well initially but in less than a year developed problems. This was with both their soft straps and the other plastic ones. Eventually I switched to a Tickr and I have found them to be quite a bit more reliable.

Based on prior experience I would be reluctant to switch back to Garmin. If I get one included with a future hardware device, then I may give them another try.

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I like Ray’s reviews, and I agree with him on this one, why pay 20$ more for the same product wahoo brought out a long time ago and that has proven to work great?

My wife and I had many, many Garmin heart rate straps that all failed after anything from a few weeks to a year. Our Wahoo straps? still working after 2+ years, both of them.

So even if Garmin did significantly improve their product, I still don’t see why I should spend 20$ more for theirs.

Except it’s not the same according to the DC Rainmaker review. The key difference it that it can connect to 2 different BLE devices at the same time. I’m not aware of any other HR straps that can do that, though there might be I guess.

It means you could use it to talk to TR on iOS and another Bluetooth head unit at the same time. Or TR and Zwift on Apple TV or another iPad.

It might not be enough of a difference to be of interest to most but for some in might be significant in the choice they make.


That is Indeed a difference, thank you for pointing it out.


I think a lot of Garmin HRM failures are actually due to a really badly documented feature. During a battery change you need to short the battery terminals before installing the new battery or the hrm won’t wake up again.

I am learning lots in this thread, thank you.

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I changed Garmin HRM before and never shorten the the terminals…

4iiii HR has been doing that for a few years now. Plus it acts as an ANT+ bridge. Let you connect ANT+ sensors to Bluetooth devices